Shocking video shows Breitbart’s true colors

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Or does it?

After last week’s propaganda debacle, MoveOn.org has released an amateurishly-edited video of Andrew Breitbart talking about his allegiance to al-Qaeda, proving that with video editing anything can be proven.

Breitbart and embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele will be appearing side by side at an upcoming Republican event, just in case you’ve forgotten who works for whom.


Better than The Onion: CNNBC on Glenn Beck

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Moveon.org has outdone themselves with this. It is pure comedy.


More for Snowe

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A tiny army of us stalwarts gathered in front of the office of Olympia Snow on a dreary and damp day, prepared to read the first pages of a health care report that had just been released and tell our stories. A photographer showed up from the local newspaper and took some photos and notes. We didn’t actually go inside the office, as the report had actually been presented to them the day before.

Olympia is hung up on some damned “trigger” that she hasn’t been able to define especially well and nobody supports, even in her own party. The purpose of the “trigger” is to give the insurance companies an extra decade to see if they can find a way to provide affordable health care to Americans. The 17 years since the last health care reform plan they killed clearly wasn’t enough.

You know, I’d almost say the trend is going the wrong way here, since things are getting worse, not better.

Well, actually everybody knows that the real purpose of the trigger is to give corrupt politicians the chance to collect millions of dollars more from lobbyists and then kill the whole thing when nobody’s looking. And then retire and not worry about the 45,000 people who died each year they refused to enact reform.

So when Olympia says she wants a trigger, she is saying that the country would be better off if millions of Americans just like me had no access to health care. I am her constituent.

It is her finger on the trigger, and the barrel of the gun is pointing at me. Thanks, Olympia!


A message for Olympia

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The news has just been overwhelming me, so sorry if I haven’t posted. But I’ve really had some major resentment building up for Olympia.

I was mortified that she said nothing when the right wing of the party said they were going to put Nancy Pelosi “in her place”, like in the kitchen?

And after all that preening and pretending to be bipartisan, she turned around and refused to support anything that would mean meaningful health care reform for her constituents.

Her excuse? She wants to give the insurance companies another decade to see if they can kill it will fix it this time.

All I can do is look and see that the “trigger” she pulled out of nowhere, the one which has no support from either side…

It is her finger on the trigger, and the barrel of the gun is pointing at me and other uninsured Mainers.

I am going to a MoveOn.org rally in front of her local office on Wednesday, and I have a message for her and Susan Collins:

Stick a fork in it!