We’re in deep voodoo doodoo now

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Or why tax cuts won’t pay for themselves.

It’s a great theory. Unfortunately it’s been debunked ever since 1980, when GHWB called Supply-side economics “Voodoo Economics”. Well, yeah, he was right and Reagan was wrong.


Is the Tea Party racist?

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Do ducks quack?

Considering how much effort the Tea Party is putting into PR to counter the charge of racism against them, you would think they might have checked the websites run by the organizations of which they are composed.

Reprinted from Daily Kos. With screenshots.

National Tea Party Federation and Racism

Tue Jul 27, 2010 at 01:15:17 AM EDT

The National Tea Party Federation’s list of members can be seen here.

Their statement on the NAACP’s criticism and on race in general:

… we emphatically deny that their are existing Tea Party racist leaders based  upon the facts. Those facts being no one inside the Tea Party Movement can identify any person fitting the parameters the NAACP announced. Further, we challenge the NAACP to identify those leaders or those bona fide Tea Party Groups publicly taking a racist position or making racist statements. The Tea Party Groups do not sponsor, support, encourage or even ignore racists.

Where can one go to find out whether the NTPF’s positions are possibly extremist and/or bigoted?

For anyone seeking the mission of these movements one needs to look no further than their websites.

OK, can do.


Reverse blackface “Bobo The Clown”

Promoting Breitbart

Part of a Grand Jury to accuse Obama of “Fraud and Treason.”

Joke blog posting about Muslims.

Natural Born Citizen … “there is no possible way for BHO to be our president.”

Racial Profiling

Ted Nugent For Presidentwow.

Guantanamo Bay


The Aitken Tea Party seems to be connected to The Original Tea Party of Minnesota, which was formed by this guy. His positions are as follows:

Boycotting Best Buy for their Muslim war on Christmas.

“you can’t take the Ghetto out of the organizer”

All people who protest are defacto illegal immigrants?

Islam is on a quest for world domination.

“Islam is taking over the UK – are we next?”

Various comments on whites, blacks, and the lazy and self-centered.

Kagan is a “stealth candidate”… because she supported school desegregation.

Government raids on militias are unconstitutional.

Those who rely on government aid are “parasites.”

Political correctness is being shoved down his throat. (I’d say there’s little evidence of that based on his Internet posts).

Racial profiling isn’t racist… “it is the only way to keep America safe.”

Democrats are the party of racism, and other various comments on race.

“We’ll take away… his dignity at the tea party” (So that’s part of the purpose of the Tea Parties?)

“Will O give up going gangsta

Gestapo and SS officers to intimidate US citizens into giving up more freedoms.”


Oath Keeper, militia hero, and co-author with white supremacist “Sheriff Mack a Hit at 4/15 Event!”


Led by the head of the Desert Cities Minutemen, a nativist extremist group.


What exactly is their problem with liberals being anti-racism and anti-homophobia?

“When will your Caucasian progressive pals stop using leftie ‘social justice’ minority groups to do your bidding?

Tip: If you can only think of one adjective to describe a black politician, it’s better to remain silent than use “articulate.”

What exactly was it about Lebron James that made you think he wouldn’t be like the rest of “us?”


“Every once in awhile, someone comes along and uses just the right words to describe a situation. This is it.

“The majority of people coming over now are people we need to be worried about.”

Obama has a “hazy personal background.”

On Clinton: “nobody ever, ever doubted his good-old-boy American bonafides.”

Obam’s distinguished service in Kenya.


“The Democratic Party – The Party of the Four S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation, and now Socialism

Obama is anti-semitic.

Obama is implementing a “crazed minority quota.”

“Obama to Correct the “Historic Mistake” of the Creation of Israel”


FYI: Republican establishment grassroots operative

Obama intends to “lower decorum to a baser level” (than GWB?!? Really?)

“Birth Certificate” will be an epiphany

“Obama is going to Saudi Arabia… The Hadj, perhaps?”

“Obama, what’s up? Wouldn’t mideast envoys with less “Jewish” sounding names be more readily accepted?”

Obama will turn healthcare over to unions, Acorn, Soros… asdf (labor, blacks, jews).

With Macaca Allen.

Note: The NAACP doesn’t owe the Tea Party or anyone else a statement on the New Black Panthers.

Obama a closet muslim? “no prayer and deeeep bow…Hmm”

Color of Change akin to terrorists?

Note: If you want us to believe that you don’t support their signs about slavery, don’t feature them on your website.

“Sotomayor’s confirmation will mark a defining moment… the end of equality for all men!!”

His views on Michael Jackson


Please listen to the following for the two clips…”

Note: The woman in the video says she’s glad Obama won and it makes her feel as though she won’t have to be so worried about gas and house payments, and they turn it into that.


Obama admits he is a Muslim

Our Founding Fathers built this country on 28 powerful principles


A little background info about the local leaders and the various fascinating opinions of the head of the national Constitution Party, Chuck Baldwin.


Supporters of the healthcare bill are mercenaries.

Protest signs featured in videos produced by the group:

We came unarmed, this time

Taxation proves that slavery was not abolished

Obama is fascist, ACORN is a criminal enterprise

ACORN, bringing prostitution to a neighborhood near you

Is that George Allen again?

They really, really, really, really, really approve of Joe Wilson’s unprecedented behavior.

  1. FIRE THE 219

He demands to see that birth certificate!


Joke blog post: “I’m still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I’m supposed to hire for my building crew.”

Views on the “Gangster Government,” Kenya, and Muslims.


“Islam cannot assimilate or tolerate other faiths in a culture”


Leaders went on a “Caribbean cruise” to spread the homophobic anti-science platform of a guy condemned by the ADL.


They’re being put in chains by the first black president.

Blacks need to stop drinking the Koolaid. Democrats destroyed black families.


“Obama’s NASA objectives: New American Sharia Accomodation”

Obama is a “hood” who is “robbin”people.

Still defending the statements Rush made about a black quarterback that got him fired from ESPN. Really? Still?

Promoting Rush’s view that Sotomayor is a racist.


Yup, it’s the brother/sister team again.

And they really support the crusade of this guy, and this guy.


Featuring a John Birch Society video

Featuring the woman who posted this video. Note the discrepancy between what Rubin said and what she claims he said.


Blogger claims recorded audio of their meeting in which they promote racial profiling limited to Spanish speaking countries, Asia, and Africa… and want to deny citizenship to children born in the country to illegal immigrants. Note: this is 2nd hand information.


Events organized by a member of the National Board of Directors for Oath Keepers.


In their official response to the NAACP, they claim the NAACP doesn’t embrace people regardless of color, race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. They do.


Sponsored an event featuring NumbersUSA, a group denounced by the SPLC. LULAC, the oldest Latino civil rights organization in America, protested the event and forced the university hosting it to drop NumbersUSA from the schedule.

Also, “The Kenyan Has to Go!”


Yup, that guy.

Tip: If you’re organizing a protest of the first black president’s administration and you come from a place called Lynchburg, don’t start a drive to send ropes to elected officials as a symbol of your anger: Got Rope?


It was the media’s fault George Allen is a racist.

“it is time for corporate America to wake up and give a good, hard tug on the leash.”

Cities (with large black populations) are “rat holes.”

Obama is championing “reparations” for blacks.


What happened to America? “One word- “diversity.”

Concerned ACORN will skew the census.


“Obama is threatening to have Black Panthers and OFA use force to stop tea party movement. Chicago goon tactics abound.”

“Racism is being promoted by Obama and his black pawns. Wakeup”

“Obama should be impeached for sowing seeds of racism”

Tells Obama to go back to Africa.

America should thank British Petroleum


The “soon to be mayor” calls John “the leader” in the video.

Obama’s “questionable heritage.” I strong recommend everyone follow the link and read his entire rant. I would also recommend everyone visit John’s LinkedIn page (he’s a big-whig) and go watch the 2nd half of the video mentioned above. It gives a very clear picture of how elites in the Republican party are really running the show, and how cynically they’re using the base with their rhetoric.


“I say term limit and age limit to even run! We don’t need the dumb young candidates… and we sure as hell don’t need these dotey old…”

Posting comments on white supremacist-connected biker gang websites.

“Ummm… what about the white guys?”

Support Rand Paul’s position on the Civil Rights Act.


Gay marriage is a slippery slope to pedophilia

Tip: When you realize you may be spouting hate speech and bigotry, your response shouldn’t be “that’s too bad.”

Taxes are slavery. Tip: No, slavery is slavery.

Promoting the statement that Islam is arrogant and insensitive.

Breitbart operative


Led by a stealth candidate for the Democratic primary in a largely black district who is attempting to infiltrate the party and who claims he’s “no Democrat.”

Refers to the children of illegal immigrants as “anchor babies.”

Campaign platform is to make English the official language and to make Islamic laws illegal.


Illegal immigrants are “criminal invaders.”

Obama is the “Enemy within” even if he puts up the Christmas tree at the White House. BEWARE!!!

“we have to overcome Political correctness” (Note: I think you already did)

Not being racist is predicated on minorities assimilating to “American” culture.

“Are you ready  to get the rifle out, clean it up, and get ready to go to war?”

No foreign flags should be flown in America. Love it or leave it.

“It is time for the noose to come out and justice to prevail!”


Promoting bizarre fears of Islamic plans for New York

Promoting the idea that Muslims are good citizens in public but not in private.


Mel Gibson is less racist than Eric Holder and Obama, the most concerning racial incidents are those that affect whites, and the most dangerous examples of racism are by a “powerful subset of blacks against whites.” Oh, and that’s their official “position” on the NAACP resolution.


Americans are being enslaved by taxes.

MLK is “100% in alignment with the Tea Party Movement.”


disambiguation required


Sovereign citizen and slavery, trained by this guy.

Comparing illegals to whites, promoting mass deportation, sex crimes.


disambiguation required


disambiguation required


Shares Rand Paul’s views on the Civil Rights Act.

LIst of heroes, including Neal Boortz, who said that Katrina washed out a lot of “human debris.”


“we must end birthright citizenship by constitutional amendment” (amend the Constitution?!?)

Against marking “race” on the census.

Rand Paul fan.

Agrees with Rand’s position on “rights.”


Share the wealth, giveaway programs, Muslim nation.

She has her own website, where she states that:

Obama is the Muslim world’s “bitch” and holds a grudge against white people.

Is upset about the Obama admin giving gay teens access to books with narratives written by other gay teens (via Breitbart).

Obama Bin Laden

Ode to Sonia (white men)


“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were singularly responsible for the housing and banking meltdown”

Wants more Bush

Has a problem with diversity


Has a weekly radio show with this guy.

Says their position on race can be understood by reading Ayn Rand’s essay “Racism.”

In it we learn that:

Those who are proud of their diversity have no other virtues to be proud of.

The demands of “Negro leaders” are irrational, outrageous, cynical, shortsighted, and have a contempt for principles.

Racial quotes are one of the worst evils of racist regimes.

Racial quotes demand that white men be penalized for the sins of their ancestors.

You can’t forbid racism by law.

“Negroes” are in the vanguard of destroying individual rights.


Entitlements are enslavement

Americans should be able to keep what they earn without apology or guilt.

un-hyphenated American

“They are Voting Us Into Slavery.”

Obama’s Muslim faith

Fans of H.L. Mencken who said Jews were an “unpleasant race.”

Illegal immigrants are our enemies.

Liberalism is designed to create dependents who will in turn vote for them.


Michael Moore  is a welfare queen?

Higher government wages are slavery for taxpayers.

H.L. Mencken again

“There were more than 10 Jewish legislators only in New York (24), Florida (17), and Maryland (13).”

Want to eliminate racial consciousness.

Thomas Sowell on Apologies and Tiger Woods.

Doesn’t like hate crime laws.

  1. TEAPARTY365

“A false charge of racism is itself, racist” -David Webb  (That’s setting a pretty tough standard for your fellow Tea Partiers, but mainstream Americans appreciate it).


see Waco Tea Party below


Disagrees with Boehner about non-violence

Reverse blackface Joker Obama

Wants gratitude and good manners from people on welfare

The great lesson from Avatar is that the American is the “chosen one” and still “fucks” the natives’ princess

Environmentalists are worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. It’s “not even close.”

Draw Mohammed Day!

“Censor this, assholes”


Against public education?

Relying on Uncle Sam is a “crack pipe dream.”

Another leader wants Obama to prove his “Constitutional Eligibility to Be Commander-in-Chief” and may be intoJ Edgar Hoover.


They support the AZ law and to make it perfectly clear…

No habla?

Will use “any and all means possible”

Wants to see the birther cases go forward.

They will never be silenced. I guess that includes hate speech?

“I am not a racist… as proof, here’s a video” of Alan Keyes at the even I coordinated.


Dems are “baby killing” wolves

As a youth pastor, has helped gay teens “come out” of that lifestyle

Qualifies the victimhood of minorities as a “perception.”

Tip: If you want to argue that the Tea Party Express wasn’t the center of your movement, try having more links on your website.


CNBC asks for anger, they target the congressman who had a swastika painted on his office and promise a “riot.”

John Birch Society member

Glenn Beck loves em

Member of American Militia web group


Misinforms about Americans being arrested for violating Sharia Law in America.

Tip: Avoid comparing border-crossers to hordes. They aren’t Mongols.

Obama’s “gay” “wrist flipping.”

“CNN blames white folks for BHO lack of oil spill response.” (No, they didn’t “blame” white folks – they said Obama was hesitant to appear angry because historically Americans don’t respond well to angry black men).

“Truth is the New Hate Speech”


See Chester Patriots above


“We want to out them and stand up for people like you, Joe” (Joe Wilson)

Tip: Whenever you preface a feature on race on your website by saying “Rush says it perfectly,” you’re in trouble.


Obsessed with making “descendents” of welfare recipients pay, and then stealing from them.

Those people near Bobby Scott’s office lack humanity

Rape, brainwashing, Stockholm syndrome… etc. Wow.

Massive race statement fail

Fascist America

“O’s Fascist Army”

Final Note: Far be it from me to draw any conclusions from all this. I think that’s a job for the NAACP, our national media, decent mainstream Americans, and David Webb at TEAPARTY365. If he applied the same standard to the rest of the federation that he did to the Tea Party Express, then I think he’s got some very difficult decisions to make in the near future.


Shocking video shows Breitbart’s true colors

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Or does it?

After last week’s propaganda debacle, MoveOn.org has released an amateurishly-edited video of Andrew Breitbart talking about his allegiance to al-Qaeda, proving that with video editing anything can be proven.

Breitbart and embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele will be appearing side by side at an upcoming Republican event, just in case you’ve forgotten who works for whom.


Rand Paul, “rights”, and libertarianism

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Last night Rachel Maddow spoke with Rand Paul, and he was evasive, to say the least.

I have read numerous blog posts about her interview, and I think there is a basic misunderstanding of his position on “rights”.

I think his difficulty (impossibility?) with answering the question “should a business owner be able to refuse to serve customers based on race?” is more than just evading that question itself.

It is a matter of trying to keep his philosophy out of sight. For all intents and purposes he seems to have succeeded in maintaining control of the issue. It doesn’t look good for him right now, but they aren’t asking him the questions he really, really doesn’t want anybody to hear.

Years ago I accidentally bought a hardcore libertarian book by mail, and I was absolutely shocked what I read. I had no idea. I was young, but not quite so naive after reading that.

The “rights” they perceive are very different from the ones we would think of as “human rights”.

He feels that it is a basic human right to discriminate against anyone you wish to discriminate against for whatever reason you may have. It is infringing on that right for the government step in and say you can’t.

It goes far beyond the question of a restaurant owner discriminating against black people. It extends to hiring practices, housing, pretty much all are considered “business dealings” that the government should keep out of.

The potential hiree and the business owner have the “right” to negotiate their terms of employment. The government should not interfere with such things as labor laws, safety regulations, etc. It is up to the potential employee to either work out a deal to his satisfaction, go somewhere else, or buy a factory and refuse to hire the guy who discriminated against him.

There is no recognition of the idea that the unequal power in such a situation means that there can be no fair negotiation.

Environmental issues? They were not a consideration when this philosophy was carved in stone. Many people at the time thought that they would take care of themselves, or at least they would only happen in the poor part of town. It would be interesting to get his take on the BP disaster right now.

I’d guess he favors the Alan Greenspan notion that people will make reasoned decisions based on full disclosure when deciding who to take their business to, rather than the fact that given a completely unregulated situation, those with no ethics will steal everyone else blind.

Taxes? Please, rich people shouldn’t have to pay taxes at all. Let investor groups build roads and bridges and erect toll plazas to pay for maintenance.

The libertarian philosophy is the direct ancestor of the “culture of greed” that we see touted so often, even among those who are being repressed by it.

Libertarianism is basically anarchist at heart, but at least anarchists are realists about the violence that would exist. In the libertarian utopia, there is no need for enforcement, as money does all the talking that counts. If you need to protect your property, you can hire a goon squad security company to deal with the issues.

What sort of issues? Well, when they get rid of public education and illiteracy soars, some of those unemployable people might decide to exercise their Second Amendment rights to buy guns and then take back their country.


Andre Bauer and the “stray animal” issue

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Okay, so it’s been a few crazy weeks here. I’m still shaking my head over the Supreme Court decision that gave corporations the go-ahead to buy up all the government they wanted. Bye-bye, democracy of the people.

And lieutenant governor Andre Bauer of South Carolina now running for Governor to succeed the sex-scandal-plagued and delusional Mark Sanford… Well, you already should know there’s an issue when the words “South Carolina” come up in a sentence. He said, most amazingly

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed! You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that.”

Okay, so he thinks we should starve poor people to keep them too malnourished to breed. There wasn’t a lot of support for this, though some people tried to say it was just a bad choice of words. No, wait! He clarified by saying that he loves stray animals and donates money and does volunteer work at a shelter. But dang, you take those animals in your house and feed them, and next thing you know they get dependent on you, so when you go off and abandon them, they can’t take care of themselves anymore.

Wait, what??? He loves animals, but he thinks it’s okay to abandon your pets?

Honestly, I think I should have a category just for South Carolina.

State of Denial


The smoking gun!

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There is no question now as to the citizenship of Barack Obama. Not only has he admitted it himself that he was born on Krypton, but now we have documentation, that “certificate of live birth” that Oily Teats was telling us any person can create for any child with no corroboration.

First, in his own words:

Now, the documentation:

There can be no doubt!


Sarah dearest-Media whore and blasphemer?

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Of course it all started well before any of us ever met her. Whatever peculiar combination of insecurities she has, combined with her lovely natural tendency to bully everyone who won’t do EXACTLY WHAT SARAH WANTS THEM TO DO could not possibly have started when she was carelessly selected because of her hot milfy good looks as VP candidate. But surely her discovery of what it feels like to be in the eye of the National Media was the grand trigger that pushed her over the edge, that make her think that any publicity is good publicity.

Losing an election doesn’t necessarily make you a “loser”. But in Sarah dearest’s case, it merely brought to our attention the sad facts of her personality, since she has shown us over and over again that when you can’t think of any other way to get in the news, make up some crap, declare yourself a “victim”, and blame anybody but yourself for the mess you have got yourself in.

But it’s not a mess. It can’t be a mess. God told her to do whatever it took to get ahead.


The latest non-story that Sarah dearest has created is about the picture that a blogger enemy of hers (Sarah dearest has enemies, sycophants, and people she uses) photoshopped, substituting the face of a right wingnut radio talk show host bosom buddy of hers for her squirmy little one. Keep in mind that this fine upstanding right wing radio host is the same one who called a political enemy of Sarah dearest “a cancer” after she indeed had cancer. And Sarah dearest laughed heartily at that.

Sarah dearest’s complaint, voiced through her spokeswoman:

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.

Ben Smith at Politico

Here’s the image that triggered this outrage that repeatedly brought up poor little Hypotenuse and required them to remind us not once, not twice, but 3 times in a brief 3 paragraphs that he is, indeed, a special needs child (don’t anyone forget!):
sarah palin cuddling Eddie Burke

Actually, the original “photo” was not a photo at all. It was a cartoon that had shown up the previous week, of Sarah cuddling squirmy baby Dave Letterman. She didn’t complain when she saw that one:

sarah palin cuddling Dave Letterman

The woman is off her rocker. “Desecrate”? “Iconic”? She actually believes that she is a deity? Her photograph is too sacred to photoshop, except to cover up the plastic surgery scars? She and her baby together are holier than the Blessed Virgin and Child?

I’m just asking because she belongs to a religion where you’re not supposed to worship icons. And here she’s declared herself a deity. Good work, Sarah dearest. I’d call it blasphemy if I believed, but I know that blasphemy is a victimless crime. People like her who believe that God and Satan are watching your every move for a chance to damn you to burn for all eternity, I would think she’d be concerned for the fate of her everlasting soul at this point.

Will the stupidity excuse really get you off from a mortal sin like blasphemy?

What do you suppose that reading this made me want to do? Do you think it made me want to erect an altar in a quiet corner of my home, with a gilded portrait of the Sacred Mother and Infant, maybe a candle or a stick of incense?

I’m laughing. In case you couldn’t guess, it made me want to photoshop all kinds of bizarre heads onto the baby in the cartoon.

sarah palin cuddling Newt Gingrich
sarah palin cuddling Rush Limbaugh
sarah palin cuddling Michele Bachmann

And then, Holy Mother of Whatever, a miracle occurred. I found a thread on a forum where everyone else had the same idea as me. Enjoy.

Wonkette’s take on the story. Note she refers to little Hypotenuse as “Bristol Palin’s child”.

If you’re a whacko evangelical Christian who is foaming at the mouth right now, you should be ashamed of yourself for reading something like this. You’re going to hell. Go ahead and link all your friends’ blogs to it, so their sexually-repressed little deviant brains can join my membership site and make me some money. I dare you.


That pesky ‘teabag’ issue

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I’m sure you’ve heard about the “teabag” parties, at least if you are an American. For those of you who aren’t, or haven’t been paying attention to movement on the fringes, what happened is that Rick Santelli, a derivatives trader who plays a business reporter on television, staged a little stunt during his CNBC business show trying to prove that Americans think that everybody but investment bankers and traders is a loser who deserves to lose their homes. The fact that he had a few other traders agree with him vocally meant that it was time to start a movement.

Notwithstanding the fact that people who report on the news are not supposed to be using their position to make the news—or start political movements, for that matter—he got involved with a website that apparently had previously been set up just for this and ran with the “tea party” concept.

Again, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept, prior to the start of the American Revolution, a small group of colonists attacked a ship in Boston Harbor and dumped its load of tea overboard as a sign of their refusal to endure “taxation without representation”. The issue was that the King had put heavy taxes on many things to cover the expenses of financial mismanagement of government back home, and somebody had to cover the costs. This is now known as the “Boston Tea Party”.

Right after Santelli’s rant, there were a few gatherings called “tea parties” around the country, though attendance was rather spotty. Some only had a few dozen attendees. There were a few where the size of the crowd was claimed to be in the thousands, but official estimates (by public authorities) put it significantly lower. So altogether nationwide it didn’t total the attendance at one typical Obama rally.

The thing is, even among right wingnuts, there isn’t that much enthusiasm for raising taxes for the poor so that rich people can keep more of their money. They have to keep the issue abstract and hope that their supporters don’t start calculating how much money they have lost in real wages and buying power in the last 8 years.


I answered a question on Yahoo Answers a week or so ago, written by someone who claimed to be in the bracket where he would be paying more taxes, but thought that he and his wife ought to be able to keep their money because “they work hard”.

I answered that if he’s making $250K he should be able to afford to pay the extra few dollars a day, and everybody works hard. The guy sent me an email complaining about how he has paid $70,000 for special schools and rehabilitation services for his autistic child. I was like, “Whoa, you’re complaining to the wrong person. I think the government ought to pay all of that, whether a person is rich or poor.”

He didn’t respond.

So many of the people who show up at these “parties” have some other agenda. They may be “birthers” who believe that Obama was born elsewhere and therefore can’t be President. They may be opposed to abortion rights. They may be anti-immigrant, anti-welfare, anti-civil rights. Or they may be just plain nuts.

The “parties” are all organized from the top down to try to generate the appearance of populist sentiment. That’s about all that Republicans seem to be able to do nowadays, and it’s not working out all that well. Fox News is pushing these parties hard to try to get people to attend. So is the Huffington Post, which is looking for “citizen reporters” to upload videos and write stories about their local parties. So it is not impossible that many of the parties will be attended by mostly moles.

At this link you will find several videos recorded at the last round of tea parties. I don’t want to put them all in here, so I’ll just give you one.

By now of course Rick Santelli has found that he was losing credibility by being associated with this “movement” and has dissociated himself from it.

But anyway, the big “teabagging” issue is how they thought they could squeak that name by. While many people involved in the parties do not seem to have been aware of what the term also means, it seems like at least some of them thought they could use the sexual allusion to their heart’s content and not have it turned against them. Or at least not for comedy.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “teabagging”, you will by the time you have watched both these videos.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy


Wanting the President to “fail”…

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…as Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly and unapologetically said, what does this mean?

Spinmongers followed up by saying that he (or they) didn’t want “the President” to fail, but they wanted “his policies” to fail. Fred Thompson said it again, and so has Bobby Jindal. So what does that mean?

What does it mean to America if the President “fails”, or if his policies “fail”? What does it mean to “want” the President or his policies to fail? What do we think it means? What do the people who say it intend to convey? Does it matter?

In the Space Child’s Mother Goose, a wonderful old book of poetry parodies ostensibly for children, but full of allusions to contemporary life and fiction (as of course the original nursery rhymes were), there is a poem that goes something like this:
See the little phrases go,
Watch their funny antics.
The men who make them wiggle so
Are teachers of semantics.

The words go up, the words go round,
And make a great commotion.
But all that lies behind the sound
Is hebetude Beotian.

Hover for a tooltip.

Here’s how I see it: For the President to fail, it means his policies have failed. If his policies have failed, it means he has failed too.

But his policies are the only thing that can pull us out of this mess. The Republican “plan” is a pamphlet with lots of pictures with circles and arrows. It has no numbers in it.

If the plan fails, America fails, and American people suffer. They lose more jobs and homes.

But wanting the plan to fail is a very different thing from thinking it will fail. It is acknowledging that it may succeed. And if the plan succeeds and America gets pulled out of this morass, the Democrats get credit and the Republicans will have an epic fail on their hands. So they have to make it fail, or they are doomed.

All the people who are trying to claim that wanting Obama to fail is not the same as wanting the country to fail are just playing games with words. They know exactly what they mean, and so do we.


The scariest thing about Liddy Dole

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Yeah, she’s accusing her opponent of being an atheist, which she’s not, of course. But neither of them is giving us any indication that they have a clue that it’s not only legal to be an atheist, but it’s also not legally an impediment to public service.

Now clearly the public has been bamboozled into believing that the vast majority of us are “God-believers” who all agree on just about every religious, economic, and political issue (“Hey, that’s ME!” you’re supposed to say at this point.). “The Others” are Muslims, atheists, satanists, demon-worshippers, witches, and who knows what else, and for some of these fanatics, all at the same time. They believe that those who do not belong to a church aligned with theirs are evil amoral people who are out to get you.

But that is an issue for another post. Right here and now, you can watch the little video I put together to show what I find truly scary about Liddy Dole.

Gosh, I forgot to hit publish, and what do you know? I found this:

Sarah Palin would be so proud.

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