The very model of the modern US President

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I am away for a couple of weeks here with limited internet bandwidth. My readers should know that I’m opposed to the Administration on a few topics, or else they really haven’t been keeping score. But I just had to pass on this song for all, where Obama defends his record.

This find was from yesterday, about Christine O’Donnell.

“CHRISTINE!” – Ben Sheehan – watch more funny videos


The smoking gun!

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There is no question now as to the citizenship of Barack Obama. Not only has he admitted it himself that he was born on Krypton, but now we have documentation, that “certificate of live birth” that Oily Teats was telling us any person can create for any child with no corroboration.

First, in his own words:

Now, the documentation:

There can be no doubt!


Obama drastically scales back his agenda

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From The Onion, that bastion of pseudo-news, comes a story on how a visit to Denny’s for breakfast left Obama’s confidence in the abilities of the American people shaken to the core. When this was on digg.com, Republican comments indicated they were unable to realize the story was a joke.

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny’s


Sarah Palin, unabashed socialist

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Kudos to Keith Olberman for digging up the facts. Who’d have thought that only a couple of months ago Palin herself was bragging about making Alaska a bastion of socialism, from sharing the wealth of big oil companies with the public, to taking pride in the fact that the state’s resources were owned by the public. She even used the word “Socialist”.

Does she even remember?


Synchronized Presidential debating

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Too funny.

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Faux Noise cranks up the volume

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Obama spokesman Bill Burton and Fox News presenter Megyn Kelly spar over Obama’s 2001 clip on social justice and the courts, which they are trying to convince people shows him supporting Communism.

He more than holds his own against her. When did “fair and balanced” come to mean “shouting down the interviewee so they can’t answer your wild accusations?

I have not been able to find a copy of the audio of the original in context (hmm, I wonder why that is), and he ones I have found have inflammatory comments and/or illustrations of Lenin and Marx on them.

I suspect the context is highly relevant.


Yes, we carve

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For all you fun-loving artistic types out there, get out your exacto knives, it’s pumpkin-carving time!

That day when the souls of the dead walk among the living is coming up on us quickly.

And the right answer is, yes we can carve pumpkins!


Famous quotes for minus 10

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What happens when somebody gets so locked into repeating words and phrases that they completly lose their context and end up saying something that makes no sense at all?


McCain to the rescue!

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After brief discussion with Barack Obama about something else, John McCain, king of backroom deals, has decided that they need him in Washington to broker this sellout…er…rescue package. He’s unilaterally “suspending” his campaign, eliminating advertising, and will pull out of debates until the crisis is over.

I guess they really need him there because of his economic expertise, level temperaments, reliable attendance… nah. Actually they haven’t missed him one bit in the 6 months or so since he stopped attending session or voting on any issues at all. So what’s the deal?

This is just the latest step in a trend away from contact with the public and the press. This is about foreign policy, and they think he’s going to mess up royally, mix up Iran and Iraq, Sunnis and Shi’ites, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Spain and South America, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic… No, wait, he already did get all them confused, see what I mean?

Mastercard: Official Card Of The 2nd Depression – Watch more free videos


And it came to pass….

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Oh, miracle of miracles!


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