American Jihad

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The revolution has begun. It is a Holy War, and it is being televised. It is right there in front of our faces, but we are not seeing it.

Okay, so it’s not unique to America. At least it’s not very unique, and it’s not new.

With the added pressure of a shattered economy, more and more angry men are loadin’ up the guns and goin’ on a rampage. They’re shooting their families, their neighbors, their former co-workers, and a whole bunch of strangers who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They’re targeting women, minorities, and liberals.

The demagogues on hate radio and television like to think of themselves as being at the forefront of a glorious movement, where gun nuts armed to the teeth will seize power with a few deft and well-coordinated maneuvers and return it to “Real Americans”, whatever they are, and have the country run by a paramilitary fascist force.

The unfortunate fact is that the people with the guns are not tactical military geniuses. They are desperate, close to insolvency and homelessness. They blame everyone but the politicians whose policies are responsible for their misery. For all the endless posting on unmoderated right-wing sites and repeated calls and emails to their Congresspeople, they are small in number, and it is impossible for them to maintain the delusion of ubiquity without seeing an occasional crack in the facade.

Nor are the hate-mongers who are trying to encourage their supporters to arm themselves for the coming insurrection geniuses, although they certainly see themselves as just that. (Hint: If you think you are the only sane person in the country, you are neither.)

Many of the armed warriors believe that the Rapture is imminent. Like Sarah Palin, they may believe that we are in a cosmic struggle between good and evil, between witches and demons on one side and angels on the other, and apparently those angels are carrying semi-automatic weapons.

People like this are literally on a crusade.

Rather than forming “well-regulated militias”, these people will crack one at a time, taking out whoever they can shoot before they are cornered and kill themselves.

I see no difference between this and a guy in Iraq who straps on a bomb, walks down to the market and blows up himself and a dozen others for a political cause and a fast forward into heaven.



The Palin Legacy

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You know what they say, What goes around, comes around. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sarah’s at it again.

I know just about everybody is reflecting deeply on how she whines hypothesizes that “pathetic, anonymous bloggers” (translation: anyone who can write and think, and who does so) who live in their parents’ basements and blog while wearing pajamas (she did say this) make lies about her to hurt her feelings… because they are jealous of her, I guess. I guess it at least partly has to do with the issue that ultra-cons like her consider it a mortal sin to try to imagine somebody else’s position on a issue. If they are not just like her, they must be evil, eh, Sarah?

But dang, can that woman not keep her mouth shut? The Alaska Daily News has reprinted a letter to the editor by Sarah, objecting to three things. I won’t list them here. The editorial response is just too funny. It’s a nice touch that she writes, “Say it aint so,” when the editor’s name is Pat, not Joe. Sarah just can’t shake a sound bite that worked for her once.

Bristol apparently has also dropped out and is supposedly taking correspondence classes to complete her diploma. I would have been surprised very much to hear that Bristol had kept up with her class, considering that Sarah kept her out of school for an entire year, which is one of the reasons why The Rumor™ caught on.

The Rumor™, you say? Yeah, the rumor questioning whether Sarah Palin was actually the mother of Trig, and whether the child was actually her grandchild, Bristol’s daughter.

I f* cannot believe she brought this up herself and put it in the mainstream news for the first time. But it’s time to revisit the original “evidence”, look at what’s happened since, and see how it stands up.

A photo of Bristol taken back in October or November of 2007 shows her with what looks an awful lot like a maternity bump. Click to see a closeup of the bump in question.

Appearance: Bristol still looks pregnant, not fat.

Bristol apparently was pulled out of school for much of that school year because of mono.

Appearance: Old-fashioned pregnancy coverup.
The above photo shows Sarah pregnant with a previous pregnancy. The one at the right shows her at what was supposedly 7-1/2 months during Trig’s pregnancy.

Appearance: Sarah was not 7-1/2 months pregnant in this picture.

Now we get to the weird stuff, how Palin started leaking amniotic fluid while at a Republican meeting of some sort in Texas, but decided to wait 3 hours to give a speech (during which she announced, yes announced she was leaking fluid) and take 2 flights home, then drive to an obscure hospital that had no facilities for high-risk births. During the flight no one was aware that she was in the middle of a life-threatening medical emergency during a high-risk pregnancy, supposedly ordered by her doctor to leave the best medical facilities in the country to take a 20 hour trip home.

Appearance: This story is so unbelievable she has to be lying. If her doctor told her to do this she should lose her license. She was rushing home to be present in the state on the date the baby was born.

Then she went right back to work without taking any time off. Huh?
Appearance: She did not give birth.

At this point I’d like to add something about all the photos that Sarah scrubbed off sites she controlled within a day or two of being selected as running mate.

Appearance: coverup.

Of course, we could always look at less-supported rumors. A friend said Sarah had her tubes tied after her fourth child, and Bristol was seen looking pregnant during her confinement. But these are anonymous rumors. But yeah, they’re just rumors…

Now let’s look at what happened during the campaign. A remarkable coincidence, Palin made an uncorroberated announcement that her teenage daughter was 5 months pregnant and could not have been the mother of Trig.

Appearance: In the absence of any evidence whatsoever, we did not even know for sure that Bristol was pregnant. But people stopped asking inconvenient questions, so the strategy worked.

The deleriously happy family announced that there would be a shotgun wedding of the happy couple. This did not happen.

Appearance: Something fishy going on here. If they weren’t going to get married before the birth of the baby, why even announce that they were? They are still not married, and there is no sign it is going to happen.

Anybody else notice that Bristol was the campaign nanny who was Trig’s sole caregiver when he wasn’t being passed around like a prop?

After long delays following a promise to release her medical records, Sarah came up with a note from her doctor that was so vague it did not say how many children she had borne or when.

Finally, the birth. A member of Sarah’s large extended family announced the details of the birth on December 29. All birth reports stem from this single announcement.

So if Trig was born at the end of April and little Trisket was born at the end of December, it’s not possible that Bristol gave birth to both babies.

So what are the options:

  1. Sarah is telling the truth, including the part where she threw her kid under the bus to squelch the rumors that were threatening her career. Verdict: she is an irresponsible mother to both her unborn baby and to her teenaged daughter.
  2. Sarah adopted baby Trig, probably from a hapless pregnant girl in her church, when it was discovered that the baby was going to have Downs and the girl didn’t want to keep it.
  3. Bristol had the baby back in April. Sarah, brain-dead to her dysfunctional family, was not aware of the pregnancy or the fact that it was going to be a Downs baby until too late to get the girl an abortion or fake the pregnancy believably.

Yeah, it raises more questions. In fact, if either of the last two is correct, that means that they decided to fake the pregnancy to keep people from asking awkward questions, because she needed people to believe it was her baby, not adopted. Why? To take advantage of the positive spin having a Downs baby at her age—rather than an abortion—would have on her career.

Now if the last option, the “Bristol-as-Trig’s mother” option, is correct, that would still leave the origin of the latest baby uncertain. But the surprise announcement could well have coincided with Sarah finding a pregnant girl in her church who needed a home for her baby. Levi was paid off with an apprentice position in the oil fields that he was not qualified for, and the wedding is of zero importance since Bristol didn’t really give birth to that baby.

You be the judge. Or come up with your own version. I’m sure I’ve missed at least one alternate reality here here.

Or Sarah could come clean…


Palin in the news

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What is it with governors? The governor’s office seems to be the high point of political crime and corruption in so many states. Spitzer, Blagojevich, and the ever-ethically challenged Sarah Palin…

The trolls keep droning on about how “we” won’t leave Sarah Palin alone, when she’s the one who keeps putting herself in the news, throwing herself in our faces.

Totally aside from the fact that she’s a publicity whore, the fact that Sarah Palin sees nothing wrong with so many of the sleazy things she does is going to keep her perpetually in the news.

Let’s go back and do a rough chronology of the Levi Johnston thing. All dates are approximate.

September 1: Sarah Palin announces to the entire country that her underage daughter, the one who she pulled out of school for most of last year, is pregnant. It is none of any of our business that her daughter managed to get pregnant, because they are right wingnut evangelicals. If they were liberals, of course, there would be plenty of blame to go around. In fact, the girl was constantly supervised, they are saying, though I’m not sure why whoever was supervising wouldn’t have stopped the two of them if they really were doing the nasty. Levi joins the “family values” tour, which means he had to drop out of school. The criminal investigation into Levi’s mother for dealing Oxycontin is put on hold so as not to embarrass the McCain campaign.

Mid-November: News leaks out that Levi has dropped out and gone to work in the oil fields.

Mid-December: The investigation back into gear, Levi Johnston’s mom gets arrested for selling Oxycontin.

End of December: Bristol delivers. Sarah Palin announces inanely that both of the young parents are working, going to school, and trying very hard to parent, even though Levi is supposed to be hundreds of miles away. I guess that getting the girl married off before the baby arrived wasn’t important.

Beginning of January: It turns out Levi was taking part in an apprenticeship program that requires applicants to have a high school diploma, which he doesn’t have, and has a long waiting list, although he apparently didn’t have to wait, due to influence on dear Sarah’s part. But that’s okay, he’s quit anyway. I guess it was too much like work.

The future: Lots more babies for Bristol and the clan. Wedlock? The odds are going down fast. Little Brisket…er…Trisket…err…Tripp is going to grow up just like the big power-hungry dysfunctional family he was born into.


Song for Sarah

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Oh, Sarah, what do you do to these men? (Apologies to David Bromberg)

Fractured English

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Who am I talking about? Sarah Palin, of course. In an blog post on the New York Times site, Dick Cavett, a man who knows how to turn a phrase, writes about Sarah Palin, a woman who appears to have no first language. She is a woman of many words, but unfortunately does not seem to be able to assemble them into coherent sentences. Just in case you didn’t notice.

Everybody has completely missed the point of her grammar. The “language” she is using only consists of syntactically correct sentences when she is reciting memorized talking points or speeches. When speaking extemporaneously in response to questions (real questions, that is), she appears to speak a mishmash of seemingly randomly-chosen words and phrases. It sounds like language, but it is not.

Like any good Pentecostal, she is speaking in tongues.


Election stolen in Alaska?

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It looks like the keystone kops running the election process in the state of Alaska stole it.

Now, after the results of the last election (clearly tampered with in several states) and the Republican voter suppression in the process of happening, I am not firmly convinced that there was not a “Diebold Effect” that Obama had to overcome by performing even better than predicted. But considering that the group that was most underrepresented in the polls—younger voters—is also his strongest supporter, this was possible.

The issue is that in order to steal an election so that it stays stolen, you have to make the results appear plausible. Irregularities stick out like a sore thumb. In the last two elections, there were widespread irregularities in Ohio, where Democratic precincts “voted” 100% (or even higher) Republican and Florida had to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of minority voters in order to get the results they wanted. These are just examples. The issue is that the losing candidates and their party (the Democratic party) decided not to make a stink, to be “conciliatory”, and the mainstream media decided to suppress it, although it was a fascinating read.

By tampering with the programs of voting machines or optical scanners, you can shave enough votes to have an effect in a close election, and it’s hard for anybody to be the wiser.

But in this election, the polls pretty much agreed with the results. So if that happened, it wasn’t enough to affect the result, and as yet we do not see irregularities.

Except in Alaska, where numerous precincts voted more than 100%, vote totals are way down from the previous election, even thought there was lots of enthusiasm for all races in the state, and the convicted felon Ted Stevens who looked like he was going lose big instead won big.

It was part of the plan for Stevens to win, then resign. Palin would run for his seat in the Senate. But that wouldn’t work out if his opponent failed.

How many Wasilla Faith Warriors (people from Palin’s apocalyptic cult—which has declared its intention of infiltrating the government and taking control from the godless) are managing local elections? Remember, these are people with such an intense faith in the Bible that they don’t see anything else as important. How else could she have no knowledge that Africa is not a country? She has tried to blame the release of this information by claiming that the people who said it are “small-minded and bitter”. Yes, bitter at having to work with her and her nasty personality. But she did not deny that she believed Africa was a country. She thought the question was unfair.

Context: When South Africa came up in discussion, she thought they were talking about the southern part of the country of Africa…

And in case you missed it, she has no understanding of science, either. She believes that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans 6000 years ago.

But getting back to the Alaska “election results”, it is incompetent people like her that would pull such a blatantly transparent election theft, people she has undoubtedly appointed at all levels, also those who have been working to get themselves elected locally. They think God wants them to win by any means. No laws apply to them. The only thing that matters is not getting caught.

They just couldn’t figure out how to make it look like it was a fair election. They didn’t think it mattered, because these are people who do not see this country as you and I do, to steal a quote from Sarah. And they just can’t imagine how people like us think.



Change in trajectory-the path to victory

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There has, of course, been a lot of blaming going on. But the interesting thing is, there are a lot of decisions that we can point at and say they had a big impact on the results of the campaign. Some I have seen suggested:

  • McCain’s choice to pander to right wing evangelicals, which alienated him with the moderates who had respected him.
  • McCain’s choice of Palin, who gave a good bump to the polls before pushing them both off the edge of the world.
  • Sean Hannity’s decision to run 24/7 smear attacks on Obama, in spite of the fact that the more people listened and watched, the more likely they were to vote for Obama. Hello?!? Hannity may have single-handedly destroyed the campaign hopes of the Republicans.

It turns out the Obama campaign was pleased to hear that Palin had been selected, because they had checked her out ahead of time and found her, uh, wanting.


And now, for some juicy gossip on Fox News, no less. Sarah Palin had no idea that Africa was a continent, rather than a country. Didn’t she learn anything from Muthee?

What didn’t Palin know and when didn’t she know it?


Sarah Palin wants to steal my stuff

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Because she doesn’t think I’m a true Christian.

She’s right. I’m not, and that makes me one of the “godless” that her prayer warriors is planning on looting and pillaging when they take over the country prior to bringing on Armageddon.

Ecumenicism is a game they play. They want you to think you have something in common with them. Do you believe the world is beset by witchcraft and demons? Do you believe in praying for the deaths of people? Do you think it’s a good idea to bring on the End Times so you can get raptured right up into heaven?

She is a dominionist, which means she supports making the US a theocracy run by members of her cult. The movement to infiltrate the government at all levels is called New Apostolic Reformation. Check them out.

Sarah Palin believes in all this and more. Believe it, it’s true.


Why no medical records, Sarah?

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She did, after all, promise that she’d release them what seems like more than a week ago. Why hasn’t it happened?

The logical assumption would be that she’s hiding something embarrassing.

It’s still possible that the “October surprise” may be a “sympathy miscarriage” for Bristol. Right now we are taking it on Sarah’s word that the teen is even pregnant. Would she throw her kid under the bus to advance her own career? Don’t answer that…

You can just guess what her evangelical followers might find unacceptable.


Pit bull/Hockey Mom rap

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Doing their part. Watch the captions, the words go by pretty quickly.

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