Googlebombing Obama?

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First, of all, I’ll explain what ‘Googlebombing’ is, for those of you who have not run into the term previously. The idea is that when I link to your site, the text I use as my link—the anchor text—will be associated with you. If enough people linked to you using the same text, searching on this text might result in you being found high, even though you didn’t actually intend for that word or phrase to be a keyword.

So far it’s pretty simple. That’s how it’s supposed to work. If thousands of people read my previous post of funny political ads and link to it using the phrase “humorous political banners”, I might get enough traffic out of it to go into the biz of making and selling bumper stickers with my designs. Google would see all those links and figure that that’s what people found important on my site.

“Googlebombing” is where you use this technique to link a word or phrase that the recipient would not have wanted linked. So when hundreds of bloggers and other sites linked the anchor text “miserable failure” to George Bush’s biography on whitehouse.gov, guess who was number 1 on the search for those words. You guessed it.

Google has since modified the algorithm so if something like this comes up, something which is intended to subvert search results, they can readjust it by hand. So if you really bomb something, you’ll get found out and it will have no effect.

I hope you understand, because this is going to be on the test. For many people it’s probably a new concept.

The reason I’ve written what I’ve written so far is that there is a campaign to “googlebomb” Obama, and you need to understand what googlebombing is to see what’s really going on. The neocon crackpots (see what I did there?) at that site have put up a page they would like people to copy into their blogs and onto their websites. Go look at it and tell me what the anchor text is.

That’s right. The anchor text is “Obama”. So what you have is a bunch of links from the name Obama to various lies about him. This is the opposite of googlebombing, and it will have no effect on Obama’s ranking in any google search.

So what you have is right wingnuts who are so unclear on the concept that they’ve put together an utterly useless disinformation campaign, while congratulating themselves for being truly clever. Good work, guys. It will keep you out of real trouble.


What a difference! Spam update

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After I wrote that last spam rant announcing I had changed the settings to requiring registration, I was disappointed to see that there was still spam coming in. Early today I went to WordPress.org looking for a spam plugin. The plugin I decided on instituted a 30 second delay before allowing users to compose a comment, and allowed for custom comments by the blogger about how to use the system. Apparently spambots find it difficult to work with the delay, while real people would spend that much time reading my message to them anyway. It looked good to me, but I was working on something and didn’t get to it right away. Alas, when I went back, I was unable to find the same search page.

I did, however, find instructions for editing your .htaccess file to prevent spambots that do not give browser referrers, which is apparently all of them. I installed this and went to empty out the Akismet bin, only to find there were only 9 spams there. Amazing! A thing of wonder!

If you have trouble adding comments to the blog (they won’t show up right away, but I should be able to approve genuine blog comments by registered users within a day or so), or if registration doesn’t work, go to my main page and leave a message with my CyberTwin bot. She’s kind of inane at times, but I always see conversations between her and anyone who chats with her. They’ve improved the programming system for MyCyberTwins, but it’s a slow process. Bear with us.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got a website, you may be able to use a MyCyberTwin, too. It’s easy to set one up. But teaching them to respond as you would can be very time-consuming. They’ve improved it, so now you can edit the questions you might expect to be asked. Check my cybertwin out on my main page and see what you think.

Update to say that I’m still getting a certain type of spam. Clearly this bot is not registering and logging in. As near as I can see, bots must have access to the function of comments posting without going through the form. I have blogs that have comments completely turned off, yet they still receive comment spam. Time to learn php.


Would you click on this ad?

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Are people as stupid as they appear, or are they even worse?

But seriously, did you click the ad? If you did, what were you thinking? You had no idea I’d linked it to a news article about how many people clicked that ad when it ran on Google. The link is to an X Biz article. Enjoy, and consider yourself lucky if you clicked that link and didn’t get infected.

I know this is how it works, because I used to work for a company where some idiot attached an infected file to an email that said “Don’t open this, there’s a virus in it” and mass mailed it to everybody in the company. Over a thousand people clicked it and had to get their computers disinfected.


For everyone who ever had a Yahoo account hacked

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I had a Yahoo account hacked this week. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. One day I shut down the computer, and the next, my username and password didn’t open the account.

I tried to get back in, but the account was a couple of years old, so I’m not absolutely sure what information I used when opening it. Besides, it wasn’t accepting the image verification no matter what.

Everyone assured me that it happens all the time that you lose control of an account, and eventually you are able to get access to it again.

Then somebody on my buddy list told me that they’d been approached by somebody apparently using my account, somebody who didn’t appear to speak English. Wonderful.

So I sent an email to Yahoo requesting that they restore the account to me or reset the password. The canned response I got said that I needed to supply them with not only all the original account registration information, but I needed the original email I registered it to, which is long gone and closed by the ISP, which no longer exists. Tough luck. We don’t give a shit. They stole it fair and square.

Today my new account almost got hijacked when I was contacted by somebody using a buddy’s yahoo account to send out links to what must have been a phishing site. I had to recover the password twice to get the account back under control, but at least it was new enough that I had all the original account information. Sheesh. Click the thumbnail to see what I think of yahoo and the security they provide to their members.


My Hittail

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If you’re not into building websites (and maybe even if you are), you may not have heard of HitTail. It’s a company that helps you analyze the search hits your site receives and gives you suggestions as to what you should write about in order to maximize search hits from the long tail.

How does it do that?

When you register, they give you a code to place on all your web pages. Whenever you receive a search hit, the search term goes into your list of hits. Rather than trying to get you more traffic by tweaking the more popular search hits – your top 10 search terms – the suggestions are intended to help you clean up with the multitude of less-searched-for terms.

I have some sites that give me lots of search hits for the same terms, over and over again. This site isn’t like that. I get a huge diversity of search terms, and my hit tail is very long in relation to the top 10 terms.

Below I have compiled my latest results, minus a few terms that I don’t want to be on my website. I’m not going to provide analysis for you. Some of them are really weird. Others, it’s clear the searchers were digging pretty deep. Some of the stuff I’ve written about, some hits I got because of links to sponsors or other blogs.

Next to the list I’ve put an image of my Hit Tail, so you can see what it looks like.


femdom fiction




female supremacy


female superiority


cuckoldress, femdom discipline


bad girls blog, httpprincipalquattrano.com, quattrano, sexythings


female supremacy blog, niteflirt, pierre silber, roleplay sex


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Some of these it’s hard to imagine incorporating into any sort of writing. Perhaps I should randomly choose several hits and write an erotic story containing them every week…

What’s the second hit tail I posted in the list? That’s a different site I operate. You can see that the first search term is huge. It’s almost half of all search hits in that one term.

The search term? You guessed it. “Buckwheat pancakes.”


Check out the news widget!

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I was going through my blogs, updating the WordPress, and thinking about how having all these separate blogs didn’t work out, due to the difficulty in putting the info where the readers are. I was also concerned that all these random little articles I’ve been finding may be taking away from the focus of the blog – which should be about deep thought and other such things.

Then lo and behold, I went to Feedburner to retrieve my feed codes and saw they had a new widget. It’s a little flash blog feed player. Cool. I can run all my news articles in there.

I started a new blog just for the news clips. It will feed into the player, which I have put in the sidebar, in case you missed it. You can check them all out regularly, as I will be updating as much as humanly possible, at least when there are interesting stories to pass on. And my main blog will stay full of entries worthy of me putting my picture at the top.

Update to say: News widget? I’ve got widgets all over the place now. I’m the Widget Bitch.


Hello Akismet!

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Just a little bit about Akismet, which is an anti-spam plugin. I’ve been inundated with spam, so sometimes I even lose my real comments.

No more! I activated the Akismet plugin on 6 blogs today. That should do it. You won’t hear me complaining about blog comment spam anymore if this works the way everybody says it does. It’s supposed to filter out all the spam and none of the real comments.

I’ll drink to that!

A little inspiration

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Steven Jobs at Stanford graduation, 2005.


Blog value

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Just to bring this up to date, now that my blog seems to have acquired a PR (page rank) of 3/10…

According to Pingoat:

Your Blog’s Value is $173.89!

Inbound links: 117
Technorati rank: 59495

…which is up from $15 or so last April, a 1053% increase. Not a bad rate of increase. If the current trend keeps up, by September my blog should be worth $1999.74. Cool. I should be able to sell some good advertising.

But on the other hand…

My blog is worth $32,178.78.
How much is your blog worth?

…which is up from $18,629.82 this past October 5, a quarterly increase of 72%. I like this trend. In two years, my blog will be worth two and a half million dollars. Can I retire on the value of my blog?

I will keep you updated on this.