The Warmonger

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This video would not play for me on Youtube or the site I found it on. I hate the new Firefox, which grinds to a halt after a few hours. But I downloaded the video, because it is way too important not to show. Watch as John McCain’s grand unifying solution for everything is explained.

“There are a lot of people who lie and get away with it. That’s just a fact.” – Donald Rumsfeld

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And now, for the scoop: McCain blames Obama for the Iraq War!


The lie of the surge

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The lie, of course, is not that it is now safer for American military to be in Baghdad or some other part of Iraq. The lie is that the increased troop presence and things our troops have done there will have lasting, positive effects on life in the city for those who live there and will have to continue living there after the departure of our troops.

What have you seen or heard from Baghdad that was not produced in cooperation and with the approval of the military commanders?

Baghdad, 5 years on

City of Walls

The Killing Fields

The Lost Generation