Frank Gaffney Plotting To Take Down Grover Norquist With Muslim Brotherhood Accusations

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A lobbyist? Grover Norquist has never worked an honest job in his life. But I repeat myself.
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Newt Gingrich: Congressional Budget Office Is ‘A Reactionary Socialist Institution’

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Gingrich says “health care mandates at the state or local level would lead to socialized medicine”. What is a health care mandate? Is that where we would be required to get treatment by our city or town? And even if that were being discussed, which it is not, it would lead to Medicare for all? How?

If Newt doesn’t like the fact that the CBO won’t accept as fact GOP funny numbers and fake facts, perhaps he should work on his truthfulne­ss.

Newt has completely lost touch with reality.
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Peter King: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are ‘Losers’

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Average Americans will not complain when they “have to go to the Salvation Army to get a TV or to shop for cloths(?)”­. If it reaches the point where Americans cannot afford new television­s or even used ones on the open market, it will become like the situation with cars, where lots of average Americans can no longer afford to replace their cars at all because prices for used cars tripled, thanks to unintended effects of government actions. So lots of Americans cannot work because they no longer have access to transporta­tion. Pretty “simple minded” of you to expect people to give up their cell phones, again, making it impossible to work or find a job.

Lots of Americans have given up television rather than paying extortiona­te rates for TVs and cable. Perhaps you should try watching less Fox News, which certainly wouldn’t want you to realize that is an option.
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Rick Perry Challenges Nancy Pelosi To A Debate

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Rick Perry has been immersing himself in right wing propaganda so long he is unaware that Pelosi is actually a ruthless politician­, rather than a silly woman to marginaliz­e. She would chew him up and spit him out.
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John McCain: Elizabeth Warren Relies On ‘Special Interest Allies’

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McCain? Strong ethical standards? Seriously. For himself, for his whole life, the bar has just been so low. Rolling Stone did a biography that was just amazing a couple of years back.


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Soaring Suburban Poverty Catches Communities Unprepared

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Actually, yes. I have done work for poor people. Poor people hire each other to do their work when the economy is booming and there’s more work than time. Think: lawn mowing, painting, dog-walkin­g, baby-sitti­ng. That’s how money moves up in the economy, from the bottom to the top, not by rich people waving $100 bills and then sticking them back in their wallets. So you can see the notion that poor people don’t hire each other is just a lie that you never thought about before parroting before, entirely untrue.
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Ann Coulter: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Like Nazis (VIDEO)

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“Surprisin­g”? Why would anybody be surprised that Ann Coulter would compare protesters to Nazis? It’s just how her mind works.
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Rick Perry Supporters Start Non-Profit That Can Accept Unlimited, Secret Donations

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No, it is not clear at all that the money collected from secret donors for an organizati­on like this can be used to affect the electoral process. While lawyers who work for those on the right have interprete­d the “insignifi­cant” amount of donations that can be so used to mean “less than 50%”, it appears that the IRS might take a different position on it. The Citizens United ruling does not concern this particular type of organizati­on, for which almost all of the money collected is supposed to be used for “social welfare”.

If they lose their status (some have actually never received approval, I can think of one that was recently disallowed because they never bothered to apply), it could be a disaster. Either all the donations would have to count as earned income on which the organizati­on would pay taxes, or they could convert to another type and suddenly all the donors would be made public. It was a mistake for any of them to proceed as though approval was a foregone conclusion­.
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Sarah Palin Says Herman Cain Is The ‘Flavor Of The Week,’ Flubs GOP Candidate’s Name

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Sarah Palin thinks that “Herb” is a nickname for “Herman”. That’s so pathetic.
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Scott Walker Touts Jobs Outside Wisconsin On Website For Unemployed State Residents

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Walker was no doubt convinced by right wing propaganda that union-bust­ing and pension-el­imination were strategies that would send businesses flocking to the state. He hammered that through and it is clear it had the opposite effect. Wisconsin’­s economy is failing faster than other states that have not done this.

So the plan is to trick companies from other states to move to WI and then send his unemployed to other states to take their jobs.

He needs to be called on this over and over again. It is nothing but a huge FAIL.
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