Confessions of a Robo-signer

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Crystal Moore, the woman in this video deposition, had the job of signing mortgage documents for foreclosure. Watch and see how it was done, and why the mortgage foreclosure business is so fucked up full of fraud. She has no idea for how many companies she signed her name as Vice President, but estimates there were more than 50,000 documents involved.


The very model of the modern US President

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I am away for a couple of weeks here with limited internet bandwidth. My readers should know that I’m opposed to the Administration on a few topics, or else they really haven’t been keeping score. But I just had to pass on this song for all, where Obama defends his record.

This find was from yesterday, about Christine O’Donnell.

“CHRISTINE!” – Ben Sheehan – watch more funny videos


Bill Maher in rare form

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Totally, totally. New Rules.

If we wanted Luddite blockheads who didn’t understand gizmos and doohickeys, we would have voted for the Ghost and Mrs. Moron.

John McCain thinks an iPad is something that women wear on their Xboxes once a month.

You know, there’s a specific group of Americans out there, whose name I won’t mention, but it begins with “tea” and ends with “baggers”, and they have a habit of saying, “I want my country back.” Well, I want my country forward.


The Ballad of George Rekers?

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For those of you who somehow missed the story, George Rekers, retired neuropathology professor and self-proclaimed expert on teh gay, was paid handsomely to testify against gay adoption in Florida (as well as other states), where he also declared that Native Americans should not be permitted to adopt. The judge wisely threw out his testimony

Then last week it turned out he hired a male escort to travel with him and give him massages.

Oh, no. Hiring an escort on rentboy.com isn’t gay. But now there’s a song on Youtube about it.


SNL & the inanity of Fox News

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Watch the token Attractive Blonde Lady with nothing at all to add to the conversation. Who does that remind you of?

And of course, what would be more appropriate at this time than Rahm Emanuel’s apology to the American public for calling progressives “fucking retarded”?


Colbert on NOM

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The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition’s Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest


Glenn Beck and Fox News

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So we all know Glenn Beck is unbalanced, even those who take most of his antics as “loving his country” (sob) “so much” (sob). Some of us think he’s either more than a little unbalanced, which means he’s a mentally ill person being manipulated (did I say this somewhere before) or a total liar and hypocrite. Colbert did a great takedown a la Jon Stewart the other day. I’d show you the original Beck footage it is based on, but you get the idea.

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The 10.31 Project
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor NASA Name Contest

And now, a parody of the Beck show. Make sure you watch it twice so you can read those whacky news trailers on the chyron.


More than a Katrina moment

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I see a groundswelling in catchy songs about this Wall Street bailout. But most of all, the AIG bonus debacle is the lightning rod which is switching on the imaginations of songwriters. You can’t argue with folksongs. It’s like complaining that the 0.1% of the bailout to AIG is inconsequential, because it is such a small percentage.

That is immaterial. The battle has been lost. Let’s all sing along!

Free money in the USA

Hey, Paul Krugman, where the hell are ya?


Video update day

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The fur is flying fast and hard. The Republican party is so busy parodying itself that they don’t seem to realize what an easy target they have made of themselves, and how hard the majority is laughing at them.

Let’s see what we have here:

First of all, the Rick Santelli thing. After Santelli, who poses as an analyst on CNBC but is actually just another greedy derivatives trader, decided to hold a rehearsed and scripted anti-homeowner rally on the trading floor, it turned out that the Republican party had orchestrated a series of “Tea Parties” for protesting against unfair taxes. They were poorly attended (50 here, a few hundred there). Watch some of their philosophers at work.

Birthers at a “Tea Party”

Jon Stewart eviscerating Santelli and CNBC

Surely everybody remembers how McCain’s backing out of his Letterman interview may have cost him the election. Well, Rick Santelli got cold feet after agreeing to go on The Daily Show, and don’t you know, finally somebody did some real research and showed America what CNBC is good for.

Steven Colbert on Glenn Beck’s Fox News War Room Part 1

Steven Colbert on Glenn Beck’s Fox News War Room Part 2


Song for Sarah

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Oh, Sarah, what do you do to these men? (Apologies to David Bromberg)

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