Israeli navy attacks supply ships, 19 massacred

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Showing their true colors

The flotilla of ships carrying 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid for Palestinians in blockaded Gaza was attacked last night by the Israeli navy. Commandos boarded the ships, which had put up no resistance, and massacred 19 unarmed civilians. The ships had been waiting in international water for months.


Prime Minister Netanyahu has called off Tuesday’s scheduled meeting with Obama, voicing full support for the navy’s actions – probably to prevent Obama from canceling first.

The White House said in a written statement that the United States “deeply regrets” the loss of life and injuries and was working to understand the circumstances surrounding this “tragedy.” Huffpo story

In other words, Obama is scratching his head, asking Rahm, “WTF were they thinking?”

The Israeli justification for murdering all those people is that they were attacked after they stormed the ship without justification. They did indeed seize the other ships uneventfully, and all have been towed to port.

So why did they seize the ships, which were moored in international waters? They wanted the goods and the ships. It was an official act of piracy.

How will the mainstream media manage to suppress this? Do you suppose this will show up on Fox News?


For my foreign readers—the Gaza thing

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I know the rest of the world is watching in shock and horror as Israel destroys Gaza and kills civilians with indiscriminate bombing. But even more so, they are perplexed how American can give Israel such unconditional support in what appears so clearly to them to be outright ethnic cleansing.

Here is how it works: A new Rasmussen poll shows that Americans are divided on the issue. Americans in general feel that the Palestinians are to blame, but they do not support the invasion, despite overwhelming bombardment of propaganda from the mainstream media.

Republicans overwhelmingly support it, while Democrats overwhelmingly are opposed. The problem is that our leadership is not divided. It does not represent us, rather unconditionally supporting Israel no matter what Israel has done or decides to do.

So aside from a few individualists who don’t care that standing up for what is right could cost them in their party, our elected representatives have decided not to represent us. Democrats and Republicans alike, they don’t care what we think or want. This is basically the only issue their behavior is diametrically opposed to the desires of the voting public.

It’s hard to tell what is real and what is not real. On the internet, pro-Israel trolls are overwhelmingly the “voice”. They deny that there have been Palestinian deaths, and as justification for massacring all Palestinians claim a number of Israeli deaths thousands of times what is true. They are anonymous trolls, just as Rush Limbaugh is a troll whose name we know.

Is it the Israel lobby? Or something else? I really don’t know. But I thought it would be good to discuss, since there doesn’t seem to be any rational discussion going on over here.



Nancy Pelosi has not read the articles of impeachment

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Isn’t that her JOB??? Why should we be doing her job for her?


The lie of the surge

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The lie, of course, is not that it is now safer for American military to be in Baghdad or some other part of Iraq. The lie is that the increased troop presence and things our troops have done there will have lasting, positive effects on life in the city for those who live there and will have to continue living there after the departure of our troops.

What have you seen or heard from Baghdad that was not produced in cooperation and with the approval of the military commanders?

Baghdad, 5 years on

City of Walls

The Killing Fields

The Lost Generation


Fun with war crimes

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Watch war criminals of the Bush Administration tried by a court of the absurd. Anything can happen, and frequently does. Nothing is ever as it seems.

The next episode is due out August 12th, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.

Fun with war crimes