Feather in my cap

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Not really, but Yahoo Answers is like a game where the con-trolls try to defeat the libs, who are, despite actually being a minority there, doing a pretty good job of manning the barricades.

I get picked Best Answer by a lot of Askers. But I also get a fair number of voters who choose me after the Asker has not chosen a Best Answer before the question expires and goes into voting. So a lot of the time I end up with Best Answer even though I totally take a stand for what is Right and Good, against the Powers of Evil and Ignorance. In other words, the fact that the original questioner has not bothered to select a Best Answer him or herself means that I end up scoring points while writing something they are completely opposed to.


More Palin Miscellanea

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First of all, Jon Stewart catching Karl Rove et al in the ultimate flip-flop hypocrisy.

Now let’s look at 8 reasons Sarah Palin is more qualified than Barack Obama

Favorite quote: “…one bad biopsy away from being the most powerful human being on earth…”

Why the media should apologize

Favorite quote: “As Lily Tomlin says, “No matter how cynical I get, it’s just never enough to keep up.”

Exclusive advance transcript of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Obama.

And finally, they’ve uncovered her academic history. Well, kind of. Nobody can really remember her at the 5 colleges she attended in 6 years, and she doesn’t seem to have participated in any extracurricular activities, like the school newspaper. Kind of odd for a journalism student. Is that the moral equivalent of graduating 5th from the bottom of her class? As the limbo man says, “How low can you go?”


OMG, Lynn Westmoreland, Republican rep from Georgia, called Obama and his wife “uppity“.


Sarah who?

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Really. Not only unknown, but justifiably so.

I guess the selection came as a big surprise to everybody, including his advisors, those on the supposed list of candidates, either the long or the short list (I hear those on the short list are pretty upset they got jerked around for publicity purposes, while McCain was never really considering them), McCain himself, and Palin herself.

The fact that she has significantly less governmental experience than the mayor of my city, while being under investigation for a sleazy little episode where she tried to get her brother-in-law fired from his job… I guess that stuff doesn’t count. After all, McCain is generally the least knowledgeable about just about everything, and he’s been investigated for major misdeeds himself.

So why would he choose her? Um… Look at her face. Do the words “former beauty queen” bring anything to mind, like “so was Cindy”? This was Gramps talking. He was scoping her out, and his libido got the best of him, what few brain cells he has left of those he ever had.

They say that when the two of them stand together, she looks like his daughter. No. She looks like his next wife. That’s what happened.

And now for a little light entertainment, the Palin for Governor 2006 ad starring Palin and Sen Ted “The Internet is a series of tubes” Stevens, who is currently being prosecuted for corruption. They pulled it down off her website just hours ago, but thanks to the cultural archive miracle they call “YouTube”, history lives on.

Now, Paul Begala of CNN on Is John McCain out of his mind?.

Err… Yes? Was there ever any question on that one?

UPDATE: Juicy rumor time. It seems that Gov. Palin turned up 7 months pregnant at a time when she had not put on any weight. Everyone was really surprised to hear this. The rumor is that it was actually her young daughter’s baby, as the girl had put on a load of weight and then soon lost it…


The major threat to manhood and mankind?

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Seriously now, guys. It’s just a movie.

The guys at Double Viking are just totally freaking out over this one. I’m scratching my head to figure why they care enough to get their blood pressure up over some chick flick.

You’re right. I’m spoofing ya. Of course I’ve got it all figured out.

It’s two things.

First, yeah, they’re offended that the movie doesn’t seem to have any male roles. The idea is that the majority of important roles in any movie should belong to men, and if they’re not already there, they need to be written into the script, regardless of whether they fit in the plot. The oodles of all-male movies that have ever been made bothers them not a whit. It’s discrimination!

Also, don’t forget that this is basically a remake of a classic flick, which none of them have seen. (I admit that I have not seen the original, but I might buy it now.)

But the real issue is that this movie is about a group of women who are doing fine without any males, and seem to have no use for them. They are completely unconcerned about the feelings of males discussed in the movie. And they’re doing okay!

Horrors! This should not be permitted! These guys are going to boycott this movie. Yeah, right. Like they ever leave their parents’ basement to interact with a living, breathing female. In other words, they’re not going to download it when it shows up on their favorite bit torrent tracker.


Guys and baggy saggy pants

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The fine actually would apply in the case where a male’s gonads were exposed when his pants slipped down.

I guess that’s a problem there in Louisiana. You don’t see too many of that style of pants falling down here, though you do see a lot of guys walking around holding their pants up.

According to Carl Broussard, the mayor of Delcambre, the fine city where this issue has caught the interest of local lawmakers,

“Just wear it properly. Cover your vital parts. I mean, if you expose your private parts, you’ll get a fine. If you walk up and your pants drop, you get a fine. They’re better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress.”

Ok, guys. It’s time for a reality check.

If you wear pants like these, ask yourself why you are. Now if the answer is “to impress girls”, that’s the wrong answer. Girls don’t like pants like that. They think it’s stupid to wear pants that are always in the process of falling down. And, believe it or not, women just don’t want to see some random guy’s ass crack or whatever, nor do they want to see his icky underwear. The best way to describe it is that to a female, such a thing scores very high on the “ew” scale.

If you’re wearing pants like this, you’re doing it to impress other guys. Not women. Competing with guys in this way to see how low you can get those pants to ride is a guy thing.


The story


Serving a woman

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There’s a ‘femdom’ yahoo group I belong to. I rarely post, as it is mostly a few women who love to do “roleplay” – cyber, I presume – and a lot of “submissives” who are mostly looking for free online “domination”.

I think you know how I feel about that. If not, read back a few pages.

Now the owner of this group says she has hundreds of submissives. She keeps open 8 windows in her messenger at a time, doing this “roleplay” with them.

So clearly there are a lot of things that we don’t have in common. Recently she posted that she thinks a Mistress’s time should be available to the submissive at no charge, and I felt I needed to respond to that in the group.

What I said was that I work three jobs, and time spent chatting with submissives is money out of my pocket. I can’t do it for free. They can afford to compensate me for my time – they have computers, internet connections, plasma televisions, cable and or satellite, etc. – so therefore I will not chat for extended periods of time for free. I do not provide “services” (ahem) of any other sort for free online, either.

So what has happened? I’m getting bombarded by guys who found me through the yahoo group. Some of them have read my site and love it, some have not bothered to look at it. Some want to write me stories or call me, others are just looking for cyber, err…online domination. Here’s one conversation:

willing_assistant: hi, mistress angela
willing_assistant: please use me as your male slave
Angela Quattrano: how would you like to write a story about your experiences in my school?
willing_assistant: ok
Angela Quattrano: have you been to my website?
willing_assistant: please forward
willing_assistant: i am looking for a female magician
Angela Quattrano: hm, I’m not a magician
willing_assistant: may be tht could be a school story
willing_assistant: lady magician saws young male in half
Angela Quattrano: oh?
willing_assistant: or fake an illness to get out of school
Angela Quattrano: why don’t you read through my website and find out what I’m about? http://principalquattrano.com/
Angela Quattrano: I can’t write your story for you. As it is, I end up rewriting most submissions, but they must be almost done
willing_assistant: how about using me cyber
Angela Quattrano: you have come to me looking for me to provide you with services
Angela Quattrano: you asked me what you could do to “serve me”, I made a suggestion. another thing you can do for me is do housework naked on cam
willing_assistant: i do not have a cam
Angela Quattrano: and I do not work for free
willing_assistant: oh
willing_assistant: i am naked, sweeping floors
Angela Quattrano: that’s nice
willing_assistant: cleaning toilets
Angela Quattrano: I guess you’re a little unclear on the concept. I do phone sex of a variety of types. Guys come to me for services, they pay the price, and they get the services. I’m not into the “now stick the carrot up your ass and wank to serve me” type of online domination
Angela Quattrano: if you’d been to my website and read a few pages of my blog you’d probably realize this
Angela Quattrano: I see providing free services to guys who can afford to pay for them is just serving men, which I do not do.

I went invisible so I could get some work done.


More on submissives with lists

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Getting back to what’s important…

But seriously, I had some feedback on an entry I posted, and miracle of miracles, I also managed to respond to it there. I was ranting in that post that I am annoyed by “submissives” who think that they know what I want based solely on the fact that I am dominant.

I have been contacted online by many of the guys on whom I base this judgment. Most would prefer a realtime mistress, given the option.

Yes, “the list”. As I wrote before, a “submissive” may come with a list of things that he is expecting his Mistress to do to him, and he expects she will ask nothing in return as she is doing these things for the sheer pleasure of doing verbal humiliation, rope bondage, cbt, administering sadistic beatings, etc.

When asked what he can do to serve her, he reads off the list again.

I’ll give you an example that clearly illustrates this. A couple of summers back I was working full-time at job that paid part-time, not covering my expenses, and desperately waiting for the summer to be over so I could return to solvency when my regular jobs would start up again. My cat had a major health emergency, which resulted in big credit card bills. In a paltalk chatroom met a guy – a doctor, no less, and I have no doubt about this – who said he was moving to my area and looking for a Mistress. At first the situation appeared ideal, as we seemed to have some of that intellectual compatibility that I’ve mentioned I feel is important. But as we got deeper into discussion, things got much more complicated.

He told me in passing that he earned $300,000 a year, so I was of course thinking, this guy can afford to contribute to my support, what with me and my simple tastes. Why, I wouldn’t have to work three jobs anymore! But then it turned out that deep down he needed to know that in any relationship with a woman, there was no cash flow. Otherwise he would be feeling like he was paying a prostitute. He needed to have her do these things on the list for free so he would know she cared about him.

Back to the list. What he was expecting was for me to be around whenever he was at his home, providing extreme verbal humiliation, bondage, cbt, flogging, whipping… And fetishes, of course. He had numerous fetishes to feed. Long hair fetish. Foot fetish. Thong fetish. What he wanted to right now was to spend endless hours surfing lingerie sites together. You know the type of site, where the women look like Barbie dolls and are wearing scanties that are too much like a costume to function as real underwear.

The list was daunting. It sounded like it would be physically exhausting for a women in the best of shape with an extremely high energy level to do all these things. Me? I was working three jobs and never home. So I’d have to keep working three jobs for the privilege of doing all this stuff? All he had to do in exchange was to give me an occasional foot massage?

And then there was the phone sex thing. Like many guys I have just met online and barely know, he found the idea of listening in on my calls to be exciting, while to me it could only feel like a creepy invasion of my privacy. Not to mention the fact that a lot of guys who think they are kinky would be shocked by some of the things I hear, but that’s a different story.

As long as I was picturing the list as a list of “services I could provide”, it was at least thinkable. But it didn’t stop there. Things started getting weirder and weirder.

He wanted to get a metal cock ring engraved with my name and plan a collaring ceremony in six months’ time.

He started talking about meeting when he came up this way for an interview. I was willing to meet just for a date, but he was looking for three full days of my time. I made excuses. I have to work. So he told me he would come to my house and massage my feet while listening in to my calls. There is something very wrong with this picture. You are rich, and I have to work around the clock to survive, so you can hang around the house and get off listening to my clients’ calls? Not.

Then he asked me how I feel about kids. Ew.

Finally he asked me to send him one of my “thongs”. (Like I wear ass floss. Right.) I suggested he make a generous donation ($25) to cover the cost of the purchase and shipping, or he could have some lingerie sent to me. No, he wanted my own, and he thought he shouldn’t have to reimburse me, even though I couldn’t afford to replace them on my budget. I balked, and he said he’d send me $2 to cover the shipping.

That was it. I just told him that the relationship was something I could not afford. I was not meeting my expenses now, and there was no way I could cover the extra costs of being a doctor’s girlfriend or Mistress, nor could I afford to take time off from work to do these things, even if I wanted to.

He was absolutely shocked, not just that I would reject him, a “nice person”, but that someone could be so strapped for cash that they would pass up this offer. Being that poor was unimaginable to him, my not having a eight hours a day of free time to spend on him or a few thousand here and there to use for my expenses was just out of his experience.

Later he did some soul-searching. It turned out he didn’t move to my area (nothing to do with this incident). But he did occasionally contact me online to try to convince me that he had changed. At one point he even tried to talk me into letting him fly here and stay with me for a weekend, saying that he was a “nice person”. Dearest Reader: does it make you feel more or less confident when some creepy person says this to you?

Then he told me he was moving to a nearby city for a work assignment that might or might not be permanent. I agreed to meet him there on my original terms: a “date” in a restaurant. But oh, no, that wouldn’t work. With his schedule I would need to come down too late to catch the last train back, so I would have to stay. At his place. And no restaurant, he would cook.

Then, the kicker. The straw that broke the camel’s back. He told me, “I will please you.” Whoo, I flipped out. I thought we were going to start this as two normal people who happened to meet online going out on a date. But somehow we got sucked back into the BDSM/sex/commitment thing.

I guess he was pretty mad at me. He hasn’t contacted me again. That works for me. Those red flags just never stopped coming.


What you can do to please me

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meI’ve written before that I used to spend time moderating a femdom chatroom. Guys would often visit the room and announce that they were there “to serve me”. I would tell them that my yard needed raking, or my back steps needed fixing, or I had bills to pay. They were confused by this. Guys who do this are under the impression that what would really please me is not making my life easier by taking over some of the workload, but watching them wank, or even watching them wank while giving them orders on precisely what to do and how to do it.

Now this is something I view as a service that I provide over the telephone, for pay. You want it, you call for it, and I perform this service for you. I will even watch you on cam if you have yahoo. Not only that, but I’m happy that my customers enjoy this service I’m providing to them.

But it isn’t something I do for recreation or pleasure. Guys think that women are as fascinated by all things cock as they are, and we’re just not. Unless a woman knows guys love this and she’s trying to push his buttons, it’s not going to be on her list at all. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys…

Now that you know I feel this way, you should start asking yourself what a woman wants. After you’re done asking yourself, you hopefully won’t have an answer to the question, because it’s the woman that you should have asked. Didn’t you consider that?

You don’t even have to ask me. I’ll tell you what you can do for me, what will please me most. Yesterday I took an old Niteflirt listing that was not doing anything and rewrote it so callers could know what I wanted and perform that service for me on cam.

I want you to do housework naked for me.

There, I said it. Set up your cam, aim it at the sink full of dirty dishes and the countertop you’re going to clean. Or set it up in the bathroom doorway, so I can see you scrub, scrub, scrub those fixtures and the floor. Or watch you vacuum and dust the living room. Use your imaginations boys. This will make me S M I L E.

Call me.

And finally, a few pictures from a blog I happened upon.