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Call Button the next life. Dream on!

Me, playing with the top button on my shirt.

I was born in the seventies in a small town where nobody cared much about education but my parents, who trusted the school to give me the best education possible. Their mistake! Thanks to my at best mixed experiences, I did not consider a career in education during my high school stay, and so I arrived in education some years after leaving college, already having well-formed opinions.

So later I went back to school to get those pesky credentials and pointless advanced degrees in spouting buzzwords and writing meaningless vision statements. My fantasy school is where I get to apply the techniques I have perfected to students who seem to actually be listening to what I say, the students respond respectfully, and the parents are incredibly grateful to have found a school that was able to convince their younguns to learn to follow rules, do their assignments, and start learning.

So what do I like? What turns me on?

I am a sapiosexual. Are you a sapiosexual, too? A person who is a sapiosexual is attracted to intelligent people. They find intelligence a turn-on. We are in the minority, but there's really nothing you can do to make yourself attracted to stupid people, regardless of how many of the people around us clearly are. How else would Britney Spears and Paris Hilton stay popular?

For more insight into how I arrived at my personal philosophy of education, read my recent blog entry on the subject.