Note: this is my old website, which has since been replaced by a paysite with the same theme. I left the old content up, not updating it, figuring eventually it would stop getting visitors. But it has not. Google keeps sending them due to links off in the great beyond.

It's even got return visitors. So what's a girl to do? I will be putting ads in here. It's all stuff you want to look at, even if you may not be in the mood to buy at the moment. Enjoy the ads, even click them to see what's there. Some of this stuff is mighty cool.

You can also join the site now. Or you can call me through Niteflirt, if you are a member.

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In the beginning, before I even bought this domain, there was one blog, and it was only okay. It was underutilized to say the least. My blog carried lots of ads for phone sex, which made it not all that valuable as a tool for selling my own services. The blog host site no longer exists, replaced by a link farm when it expired.

Then I got this domain and learned to install a Wordpress blog. Once more I had one blog, in which I dabbled with topics such as bdsm and female superiority (ie, gender) as it related to politics and other subjects. People kept telling me I needed to spin off topics, that I should not have diverse topics in a blog. So what I did was start a blog for a questions I received in emails and answers I responded with, along with subsequent conversations. I also started a phonesex blog, because I guess you're supposed to have one of those if you do phone sex. This was not an entirely successful strategy. I didn't always have a lot to say on some topics, and other topics no longer had any place to be. The new blogs didn't pick up a lot of (read: any) traffic off my established blog, and I started linking stories back and forth. Whew, too much effort! Eventually I ended up realizing that the best showcase for my blogs, and in fact for the rest of the site, was a magazine front page showcasing various articles of mine. So that little blog splitup I did was really the impetus for a template upgrade.

The other format never realized my vision, which (if I still wanted it) is now all the rage in Wordpress themes. Once again it's time for some major changes, but that's neither here nor there.

Since then we've gone through more changes. The main blog has become strictly political and very left-leaning. So if you're conservative, you probably won't want to start there, though the archives go way back. The main blog is still From the Office of The Principal.

I've recently added a Niteflirt-only blog, which can be reached from ths site. It has all the sexy stuff and the fun stuff, but none of the strictly political stuff.

Happy reading!