Note: this is my old website, which has since been replaced by a paysite with the same theme. I left the old content up, not updating it, figuring eventually it would stop getting visitors. But it has not. Google keeps sending them due to links off in the great beyond.

It's even got return visitors. So what's a girl to do? I will be putting ads in here. It's all stuff you want to look at, even if you may not be in the mood to buy at the moment. Enjoy the ads, even click them to see what's there. Some of this stuff is mighty cool.

You can also join the site now Or you can call me through Niteflirt, if you are a member.

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Come in, sit down. Why did they send you to my office? What did you do?

What goes on in this Principal's office? Well, when the door is locked, almost anything can happen in here. Wouldn't you like to know?

Come find out for yourself. Once again you can be a bad boy in need of some firm guidance or a few basic lessons, a teacher, my Superintendent, a parent who stopped in for a heart to heart chat, but got much more than he expected... In other words, you're a guy who thinks about sex every eight seconds and can't concentrate in class without my instruction on proper masturbation technique, and I'm only here to help.

Here's how the phone sex thing works. I use a company called Niteflirt for billing. You click one of my buttons or banners to set up an account and put money in it. I prefer you to set up an account in this way, as I get a significant commission when you click through my site, at zero cost to you. If you call the 800 number to set up an account, I do not get a commission. Keep that in mind, I will.

Then, whenever you see a call button is set to "available" or "call now" you can click it. The computer will call both of us and connect us, and it will even remind you to put money in your account if you're running low. MORE...

Click one of these buttons or call me at 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 0756607 once your account is set up.Because these rules were so popular, I have now made up a set of Rules of Etiquette for Calling Niteflirt. You may find it amusing. Read them carefully. You should find them edifying.

Don't know what 'edifying' means? Well, look it up, boy! You can't expect to have a woman around to explain all these hard words to you. Didn't you learn anything in school?