Day 1 in the life of a Male Slave at the Academy

by slave ned

After my first experience washing all the dirty undergarments of the female students who live in the Senior Ladies Residence Hotel, I was put on call at a specific dorm. I was assigned to a tiny and very Spartan basement room, where there was a small bed and desk for my use. The supervisor told me that at no time would I be allowed to wear anything more than pair of female thong panties, and that would be only when I was called upon to serve dinner. The ladies thought that I should not be completely naked when serving that meal, as it was more formal.

Being assigned to this dorm meant that I would have to serve all of the women that lived there in whatever way they wished. I should expect to be called on to prepare meals, clean, be a houseboy, or to serve them in whatever other way they desired. At this time there were twenty women living in that dorm, each with her own room and bath. There was a common living room and lounge for each floor. The dining hall was located across the road. Some of them chose to eat there, but for those who preferred not to, I needed to fix meals according to their desires or whims.

On my first day I had to get up early and prepare the morning meal. I brewed coffee and tea, squeezed juice, toasted bread and bagels, and cut fresh fruit, all of which I put out on a buffet. As the ladies got up at different times, according to their class schedules, they would be able to eat when they were ready without waiting. As each lady came in for breakfast I greeted her and bowed down to say, “Good Morning.” I would ask what she wanted and then I would seat her at the table and bring back what she had asked for. After some of the ladies had drunk coffee or tea, they would leave to use the bathroom. Some would call me in to lick them clean after they had finished using the bathroom. Then I would hurry back to be available to wait on the rest of the residents.

When everyone was off at class I had to clean each suite. I made the bed, picked up dirty clothes, and cleaned the bathroom. Some ladies would leave notes for me to wash their clothes or do other chores for them, or tell me to arrange to have a bath ready for them at a certain time in the evening. When I was done cleaning the rooms I had to clean the rest of the dorm. From time to time some of the ladies would stop back in between classes to check and make sure I was still naked and doing my chores.

One woman who must have been having a bad day told me to go to her room and lay face down on her bed because she wanted to take out some frustration. She followed me into her room. When I was naked face down on her bed she pulled out some ropes and tied my wrists and ankles to the bedposts. Then she put on a strapon and mounted my ass and fucked me hard. She had me screaming as she pumped my ass harder and faster. When she was done she got off of me, untied the ropes, and had me give her a back massage and kiss and lick her feet. She was definitely having a bad day, but she felt much better when she was done having her way with me. I was pleased to be able to help her to release her tensions in this way.

With midday approaching, it was time to start getting lunch ready. Again I served them a cold buffet – salad , fruit, cold cuts, and tuna and chicken salad.

As the afternoon wore on, more and more ladies would come back from class and change to go out for the afternoon activities. This meant more clothes to clean and more women to serve.

The only hot meal was dinner, which I would fetch prepared at the dining hall and bring back in a heated cart to set up. The ladies who didn’t wish to dress formally to eat at the dining hall would eat in the dorm. My own uniform to serve dinner consisted of a black thong panty with a tiny black apron hanging down about four inches, with a little white lace ruffle around it.

It was a lot of work that first day, and a lot to learn. The ladies were very patient with me and my mistakes, and didn’t punish me too severely. Overall I was enjoying my time here at the Academy. It is an honor to serve all of these young smart women and to learn my place in their world.

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