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Note: this is my old website, which has since been replaced by a paysite with the same theme. I left the old content up, not updating it, figuring eventually it would stop getting visitors. But it has not. Google keeps sending them due to links off in the great beyond.

It's even got return visitors. So what's a girl to do? I will be putting ads in here. It's all stuff you want to look at, even if you may not be in the mood to buy at the moment. Enjoy the ads, even click them to see what's there. Some of this stuff is mighty cool.

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Novels and Continuing Stories

John and Mary, Alex and Brittany

Follow the experiences of a family as they decide to commit their young slacker into our training program.

What If? An Alternate Reality

What would have happened if dubya had died after choking on that pretzel in 2002? Probably not this, but hey, why not?

I did not actually intend for this to be much more than a teaser of a tale, but response has convinced me that I should attempt to continue it.

Short Stories

Another Runner in the Night

One of our young charges attempts an escape, which is not only unsuccessful, but has the result entirely opposite of what he intended.

Stories Submitted by Readers

Stories by slave herb

A Male Professor at the Gold Star Academy of Discipline

We rarely hire males here, but when we do, we are looking for very specific skills, as well as other characteristics...

The Combination Lock

Transferred to another location, off-site means out of sight but definitely not out of mind...

Stories by slave ned

A New Arrival

A would-be slave hoping to be accepted into the program is tested.

A New Slave: The First Day on the Job

The new slave's day begins and ends with serving the women residents.

Rules for Contributing

Feel free to email me with suggestions for future plot lines with as much information as inspires you. If I feel inspired as well, I will put it on my long list of story ideas to write.

My suggestion to you is for you to consider this an inspiration to do some writing on your own. I will gladly publish suitable submissions, giving you full credit for your creativity.

Try to do a good job. I will not print writing that is not up to my exacting standards, and I may not have the time to rewrite your submission or correct it with the electronic equivalent of a red pencil.

Just keep in mind that at least for now, the primary literary focus here should be happenings in or around the Gold Star Academy of Discipline or fantasy schools like it. I anticipate publishing more general femdom stories, too.

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