A New Arrival

by slave ned

When I first arrived at the Gold Star Academy, I was sent to the spa to make sure I was presentable for my first visit to the Principal's office. First I was told to undress so that they could do a full inspection of me. As I stood there naked, the woman in charge said that I would need to have my pubic hair shaved off, so that when the Principal had me undress that I would be clean shaven. She had me lay on a table and told me to stroke myself to get an erection to make it easier for the girls to shave me. I stroked myself until I got a stiff erection, but I was not allowed to cum.

A couple of senior class girls arrived to shave me. They shaved off all of my pubic hair and even had me spread my legs to get the hair out from in between my legs towards my ass. Upon finishing, they applied baby powder and added perfumes to my balls and in between my legs. They had me roll over to make sure that I had no back hair or hair on my ass. It’s lucky for me that I do not have hair in those places. Then they told me to take a shower and they watched to make sure that I washed all of myself before letting me get dressed again and go off to meet the Principal.

The head of the spa escorted me across campus to Principal Quattrano's office and told me to sit outside so she could enter first. I sat on the bench outside and waited to be called inside. Female students would walk by and laugh and giggle looking at me, knowing what was in store for me when I the call finally came. One even said to me "We'll see more of you later on." I was not sure what she meant but I was soon to find out.

Finally I was called into the Principal's office. When I got inside I went to shake Principal Quattrano's hand but she said, "I do not shake hands with inferior males. Take your clothes off, fold them up and put them in the corner of the room. Then get on your hands and knees and crawl back over here." As I took off my underwear she mentioned to the head of the spa that they had provided a nice touch by shaving my pubic hair. When I crawled back to her she told me to kiss her feet and to lick her shoes and not to look up her skirt.

I did as I was told I thought but I guess my eyes looked up a bit and the Principal told me that I could not follow directions and that I had to be spanked. She had me stand up and bend over. Taking a ping pong paddle, she whacked me over 10 times on each cheek until each was hot and red. She then told me to get back down on all fours. This time she put a collar around my neck with a leash attached. The Principal then said she was going to lead me around the room like a puppy and that I was to sniff the ass of the lady from the spa through her skirt. She led me over to her and I sniffed her ass like a puppy would, I made sure that I did as I was told so as not to get spanked again.

When she tugged on the leash I stopped and went back to her side like a puppy would. Then she told me to sniff her ass through her skirt which I did as I was told again. She then tugged on the leash again and I stopped. Principal Quattrano then said that I seemed like a good male candidate that seems to know his place and with some training could be a good male slut slave for the ladies of the upper grades.

The head of the spa agreed but she said, “First maybe we should see if he can take a strapon up his ass.” The Principal agreed. She watched as the lady from the spa took off her skirt and put on a strapon. They then had me get up and bend over the desk. The next thing I knew I had a strapon up my ass and she was grabbing my hips and pumping my ass, shoving it in harder and deeper and making me scream "Principal Quattrano" over and over.

After she had her way with me for a while, they decided to stop, both agreeing that I would do fine. They then had me get back down on all fours and led me across the campus naked and on a leash, like a puppy. We arrived at the senior ladies dorm, where all the female students were outside, eating lunch. Now I knew what the ladies outside the office meant by saying "we'll see you soon." She led me inside and told me that while the ladies were in class I had to sniff, lick and hand wash all of the dirty underwear in the laundry room. I needed to get this done before the end of classes. at which time I was to serve the ladies in whatever way they wanted.

Principal Quattrano then took the leash off of me and told me to get started and she would check back later. She slapped my ass and said if I was good that I might get my clothes back later on but I that I would have to sniff and lick a lot of asses before that would happen. That was my first visit to this wonderful Academy and how I got accepted to be a male to have his attitude changed and to learn how superior women are.

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