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What kind of school is this, exactly?

Now, really!

This is a very special kind of prep school to which you have been sent. Most of our new enrollees come based on our success in helping to educate a diverse student body. We at the Gold Star Academy of Discipline have had very good success with boys who have had motivational slippage - slackage - to say the least. Quite possibly your parents decided to send you here because you may have been having academic or behavioral issues in your previous school, and they are hoping to salvage your academic career and have you qualify for some college - any college. Maybe they just sent you here because you've been behaving like a hormone-crazed dumbass lately.

We specialize in helping young males develop useful skills, such as good study habits and work ethics. We are also proud of our success in educating academically high achieving young women, teaching them to motivate young males like yourself, to help you achieve something in this school and in life.

We base the education we provide our young people on what we call the Three Principles. You will be learning much more about them in the coming weeks as you attend orientation sessions. You have your rule book. You should learn it as soon as possible, as you are responsible for following all the rules to the letter. We have found that clear rules are important for understanding, and learning to follow rules is a major step toward success for our males.

Our dedicated staff will be ready to support you in this learning process. You are probably aware that we also have a residential program for students who live too far to commute or whose parents want them to experience a more rigorous trainng. We will be glad to refer you into it if you need the extra direction and supervision. We will set realistic goals for you and you will achieve them...if you ever want to leave this place.

A map of the school grounds is available for more information.