A Male Professor at the Gold Star Academy of Discipline

by slaveherb,
in chains

slaveherb, in chains      The day started like any other day, but certainly ended with a twist. I prepared myself for work, not knowing what that day had in store for me. If I had known, I probably would have immediately jumped back in bed and stayed there under the security of my blanket.

It was a dank and wet winter day, typical of many winter days in the northern states. I shivered in my winter jacket and hurried into the building where I work. I was expecting the entire day to be typical, a day filled with many boring meetings and much administrative paperwork.

I had recently been hired as a professor of physics at the Gold Star Academy of Discipline. I was hired by Principal Angela Quattrano of the Academy because I am recognized as one of the best and brightest in my field. Since the Gold Star Academy is known as one of the best institutions of education worldwide, I considered being hired a ‘resume builder’ for my career, or so I thought! Little did I know of the Academy’s true mission – the training of girls to manifest their dominance and the subjugate the male students.

Unbeknownst to Principal Quattrano and the world in general, I have a fetish for worshipping a woman’s boots. I am and have always been a bootslave, and love the humiliation of kneeling in front of a dominant woman and worshipping her boots.

As a rule, women wear boots to work in the winter, particularly when they have to walk through the slush of a melting snow. This day was no exception. We had experienced a major snowfall several days earlier, and the snow was starting to melt on this warm, dark day. Most women would wear boots while traveling to work, and on reaching their work areas would exchange the boots for more comfortable and attractive pumps.

Not only was the day damp and gray, but I was also having a rough time. It seemed that none of the students could grasp any of the elementary principles of physics I was presenting to them in class today. Finally, things settled down by lunch. I walked from my classroom to Principal Quattrano’s office looking to discuss some of my ideas with her. She wasn’t there, but on her desk were her boots…They were gorgeous, black leather, stiletto heels….I felt my boot fetish acutely and immediately pictured myself on my knees at the feet of a woman worshipping her boots. Matter of fact, my computer screen name at home was ‘kissherboots’.

I picked up her boots, and stuck one stiletto heel in my mouth. I then kissed the toe of the boot and was euphoric. I was unaware that Principal Quattrano was standing in the door watching me caress and worship her boots. Suddenly, I could feel her eyes drilling into my back and she asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?” But before I could answer, she continued, “you didn’t ask permission to kiss my boots, did you – slave?”


I was mortified and stammered, “what…what….do you mean Principal Quattrano?” But She replied, “that is Goddess to you slave! If you don’t want me to file a sexual harassment suit against you, publicly flog you, and humiliate you by running to tell everybody in the building about this, you will become My slave. From now on, you will address Me as Goddess, understand slave?” Closing and locking the door, Goddess Angela put on Her boots, had me kneel at Her feet and lick the soles of Her boots. She then had me lie on the floor and She stood over me and lowered Her boot onto my face and had me continue licking Her soles…She then trampled me, and the grin on Her face made me want to sink into the floor and disappear.

She looked at my crestfallen face and laughed aloud. “Why do you think you were hired slave? Do you think it was because of your resume? Ha! No, it was because our research showed that you were a slave at heart, and We knew that it would be only a matter of time before we would catch you in the act!” Goddess explained to me.

I was helpless and petrified with fear that She would expose me. She then had me take off Her boots, and massage Her feet, lick and suck Her toes. I was in ecstasy but embarrassed and fearful at the same time. She told me that from that day forward that I would be Her foot and bootslave and would worship and massage Her feet each day. I was to be a communal slave, meaning that each time I saw a Female Member of the staff or a senior Female student, I was to kneel and worship Her shoes or boots. From now on I would reside in the slave quarters on campus. Each night after classes ended, Principal Quattrano would take a heavy chain and two combination locks and chain my wrists until the next morning.

We settled into a routine, where I would kneel and kiss her boots each day, which seemed to suffice. I tried to avoid the other Female staff, but it was difficult because I was the only male professor, and my efforts were futile. I constantly ran into other Females and had to kneel and worship their boots all day. I spent more time on my knees during the day than in the classroom.

After worshipping one Professor’s shoes, She turned to me, “Okay, slave get back to your classroom, but understand something – Principal Quattrano is the inspiration behind this Academy so don’t play Her. I am a sadistic Bitch so don’t give me reason to cause you great pain and anguish, little man! You now belong to All of Us and your suffering will be amusing for Us, slaveboy! UNDERSTAND???”

Sighing, I knew that I was destined to belong to Goddess Angela and Her staff. I smiled.

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