Another Runner in the Night

Resistance will be futile...

Adrienne looked up from the console on hearing the alarm make that “plink-plink” sound. Reaching up to hit the “acknowledge” button, she looked at the plasma screen on the wall. There it was, moving through the woods by the nude beach. It was definitely a person and not a large animal, judging by the path of motion. She sat back down and pulled up the Video Surveillance module on her computer, clicked in the sector where the escapee was located, then clicked again in the apparent direction of his motion.

A series of green lights lit on the screen. The video cameras were orienting themselves in the direction of the runner. One at a time, green lights turned orange, and then red. Video insets began appearing on the plasma screen. Adrienne watched until the night vision recorders showed a good image of the male’s face, then paused it to freeze the frame, backing up to get the best image. She clicked on the “match” button. Within seconds the computer displayed the name and profile of the male runner.

Victor again. Dumbass.

She pulled up his history. He had left his barracks pod only three minutes earlier to go to the restroom. He had not even been missed yet. Moving pretty fast tonight, aren’t you, Victor? she thought. But not nearly fast enough…

Adrienne clicked on his barracks and sent an IM to the supervising house mother’s desk. They would be prepared to receive him back in the dungeon when the Principal was done with him.

It wasn’t all that hard to run. They really didn’t make it hard to get away, but they didn’t have to. What with all the technology available to them, it was possible to know where everybody was at any given moment, and also to know whenever anybody was someplace they didn’t belong.

Warm summer nights were the busiest. Boys who had just arrived after the end of the school year were not yet with the program. On the one hand, they believed that there was something they could do to change their situation, get out, and go back to their previous professional slacker existence. But they were also looking to rebel and get away with something at the same time. As the nude beach provided both the promise of titillation and access to the outside – around the fence at the water’s edge – it was the logical place for runners to go.

It was also the logical place for security to watch. Identify them, determine which way they were headed, and pick them up. Such a neat and tidy operation it was. Adrienne shook her head. She couldn’t imagine what those boys were thinking. They actually thought that one dumbass 18 year old boy could outsmart a security force with unlimited resources. Dream on, dumbass! He would be broken long before the snow flew.

An ‘X’ appeared on the screen to indicate his location. Victor had stopped moving. It looked like he was planning to wait until the sun came up and the nude Goddesses arrived to warm their supple bodies in the heat of the midday sun. A green light started flashing in the lower right corner of the screen. Retrieval team #2 was mobilizing to pick Victor up.

Adrienne watched Victor crouching in the shadows. Within two minutes she saw him startle, then as suddenly he was surrounded. One slave held him from either side while a female guard in a tight black bodysuit took his chin in one hand and gazed into his eyes from a few inches away.

She kneed him in the groin. As he lay on the forest floor, curled up in the fetal position, the slaves threw a net over Victor, tossed him in a cart, lowered the cage top, and wheeled him off.

Principal Quattrano was waiting for Victor in her office. “You fucked up again, didn’t you, Victor?” He stared back at her sullenly. “I asked you a question!” she screamed at him. “Does it look to you like you fucked up again, or does everything look just fine and dandy to you?” She bent forward so she was glaring at him, her eyes six inches from his. Feeling her eyes boring through the back of his skull, he averted his stare, but found himself instead gazing on her slender ankles, her black leather shoes with the two inch platforms and the seven inch heels, her stockings with seams, the red polish that glistened on her toes, peeking out through the open front of the shoes.

Too late, he realized that he had a hardon.

She laughed. “You are such a moron. Look, I already have complete control over you.” She stepped back and slapped at his cock with her riding crop. “It is only a matter of time before we finish your programming, so that any female can control you who wants to, whenever she wants to. You may as well give up now. You have already lost your soul. You can only get it back by following our orders when we tell you to submit.”

She struck his balls with the riding crop. “You boys come here thinking you are such hot stuff. This cock is not your strength, it is your weakness. It will make you do whatever we say whenever we tell you. You may as well give up now. You are not going anywhere until you learn that, dumbass.”

“I know you better than you know yourself. I know you’re driven by your hormones, like any animal. Like the lower form of life that you are. Pond scum! You will never amount to anything until you stop resisting. Resistance is futile! You will get with the program, and you will like it.”

At this point Victor knew that the worst thing he could do was argue back, and somehow he managed to keep his mouth shut. Little did he realize that this he had just taken the first predictable step toward relinquishing control over himself to the women around him...

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