The Combination Lock

by slave herb

A combination lock is such a simple thing, when you think about it. Most if not all of us have used combination locks, and many of us use them every day for security purposes. However, the combination lock has another more sinister purpose in my life.

Until recently I was a professor of physics at the esteemed Gold Star Academy for the Enhancement of Women. My original intent had been to use the position as a resume builder, because the Academy had such a prestigious reputation worldwide. Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose, I was unaware of the true mission of the Academy until after I was enslaved by the Chairman of the Board of the Institution

I was under the impression that my teaching ability and knowledge of physics had won me this distinguished position. I had erroneously thought that my fetishes were well hidden. Little did I know that the Academy had done extensive research into my background and peccadilloes and identified my submissive nature and my fetish for a woman’s boots and shoes, particularly when she was wearing them. They even discovered my fetish email screen name, which was “kissherboots”.

Soon after I was hired, I met with the Chairman, Angela Smith, to discuss my teaching role and the curriculum for my students. To my chagrin, Ms Smith told me that She had decided that I would fit in nicely at the Academy. Only then did she tell me that I had been hired to be Her personal slave. I stood up in mock indignation, but She laughed at me and quietly told me that She knew of my passionate interest in a woman’s boots. “Why do you think you were hired?” She asked. “Do you think you were the most qualified candidate?” She started laughing and told me that I had been hired because the Academy needed a physics teacher and She needed a personal slave. “Now slave, kneel and kiss my boots! NOW!!”

So, for five long years I served and taught. I lived in the slave quarters at times, while at other times I was locked in a cage in Ms Smith’s bedroom. Now I was leaving the Academy, though. My Owner and Mistress, Ms. Smith, had made arrangements for me to teach at another school of dominance on the West Coast. It seemed that the Academy was expanding westward and they needed a physics teacher at the new location. It was anticipated that I would be there for the short term, until after I completed the setup and staffing of the department.

Upon my departure, Ms Smith gave me a gift and told me to open it when I got there. She explained that the instructions in the box would be self explanatory.

After arriving at my new home, I eagerly opened the package that Ms Smith had given me. To my confusion, I saw that it contained four combination locks and two lengths of heavy chain. The instructions were concise – “slave, when you open this box and see the contents within, you are to immediately to call me! Did you think that I was going to give up ownership of my slave and let you be free? Silly boy!” I was puzzled but obeyed immediately, as I had been trained to do. Ms Smith was not one to disappoint or annoy. She answered on the first ring, almost as if She were anticipating my call. “slave, how were your travels?” She asked. “I hope the weather on the West Coast is better than it is back here in New England. Good boy, it appears that you followed My instructions to the letter, good for you because I was thinking about a particularly humiliating punishment. I guess I am going to have to save it for future training, aren’t I boy?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I stammered.

Ms Smith laughed with delight. I know how She loves to hear me whimper. “Now, take one piece of the chain and two of the combination locks and lock one lock around each ankle. Once you have done that, take the other locks and the remaining piece of chain and lock them around each wrist. I want to hear the locks clicking shut. Locked! Good boy!”

“I also want to see them locked on your webcam slave. So set it up immediately. As you no doubt know by now, the combinations are not on the back of the lock. Only I have the combinations, and since I do, you won’t be able to free yourself. Ingenious, isn’t it? You are 3,000 miles from me and I still control you. Just as always, you should know this ordeal won’t be easy for you. Heehee heehee!”

“The beauty of this scenario is that you won’t know when, or if, I will release you. Won’t it be interesting to go to a locksmith and have him or her laugh at you and then tell you that neither the lock nor the chain can be cut open because they are made from is a special hardened steel? Oh, I would love to see the dismay on your face reflecting the heavy heart within…”

Suddenly, She hung up the phone. I was locked up securely, and not having the combinations, couldn’t free myself. I debated whether She would be sadistic enough to keep me in bondage, and my heart sank as I knew that She would. I was helpless! How long would I be in bondage? I only knew if I called Ms. Smith again She would tease me, convince me that She would give me the combination, and then hang up. The more I called, the more She would taunt me, yet continue to keep me chained… Naked and confined, I grew desperate as the hours slowly crept by.

Ms Smith called and asked me if I was ready to be freed. I had to choose my answer with care, for if I answered incorrectly or in the wrong tone of voice, I knew She would hang up and leave me to my torment. This time, however, She told me that I would remain in bondage until a package arrived containing four more combination locks. Once I had received the combinations for the locks I was wearing, I was to pack them up and send them back to Her.

I realized at that moment that Ms Smith had always intended to maintain control, and that it was my destiny to spend time my “free time" in Her combination locks.

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