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LOL, so what's going on here? Here's the scoop: this is my old website, which has since been replaced by a paysite with the same theme. I left the old content up, not updating it, figuring eventually it would stop getting visitors. But it has not. Google keeps sending them due to links off in the great beyond.

It's even got return visitors. So what's a girl to do? I will be putting ads in here. It's all stuff you want to look at, even if you may not be in the mood to buy at the moment. Enjoy the ads, even click them to see what's there. Some of this stuff is mighty cool.

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This is Principal Quattrano, Principal Angela Quattrano. But you can call me "Goddess" when you've been called to My office. In fact, I definitely recommend it if you want to stay on my good side. You have, after all, been very naughty.

This is a very special school, based on femdom principles: that females are leaders, and males need to be led, guided, disciplined, and even trained like animals at times. Because it's a private school, we can do whatever we think is necessary to whip you boys into line, to help you grow up into men who treat women with respect. You see, when you treat a woman with respect, she won't laugh at you anymore.

Come find out for yourself. Once again you can be a bad boy in need of some firm guidance or a few basic lessons. You can be a teacher, my Superintendent, a parent who stopped in for a heart to heart chat, but got much more than he expected... In other words, you're a guy who thinks about sex every eight seconds and can't concentrate in class without my instruction on proper masturbation technique, and I'm only here to help.

We only do it for your own good, to help you reach your potential, because we have found that a properly trained submissive male will find the greatest happiness in life, and a male who thinks he is not a submissive is just badly trained. What better time to train males to submit to women than during their formative years?

I am sure you will find your stay here rewarding and educational. Well, of course it will be educational for you, and in more ways than one.

You see, in this very special private school, we specialize in taking males with behavior problems - males who are unable to achieve in the standard educational setting due to distraction by testosterone and typically male character flaws, and we give them the tough love that they need, which they cannot get at home. Basically, we train them like the animals they are, lower forms of life. By the time we are through with them, they graduate as polite young men, happily willing to serve women.

We also educate our girls to be leaders of men, so they can control them and rule them wisely.

You know you need to call me and discuss this with me. Why, you need some discipline, some punishment. You need to be controlled.

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I used to have a bot here that site visitors could chat with. Supposedly it was programmable, but even when the program was working at its best, it would give inexplicably snarky or out-of-place answers. And it was confused by one word answers (like "yes") and forget what the conversation was about. And chatters were always thinking that it was Me, which it was not.

If you want to talk to Me, give Me a call!

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If you want to chat with me, I am available for paid chat sessions on the topic of your choice. I'm a busy girl. I do all my own design, writing, promotion, etc. Chatting with you means I need to take time from my work, and therefore I should be compensated fairly.

My yahoo is principalquattrano. You may use it to check on my availability, to introduce yourself, or to contact me when you have purchased a paid text chat session. I do not chat about your sex life, my sex life, your interest in BDSM training or femdom, or anything remotely erotic during free text chat. Do not add me as a buddy prior to contacting me, or I will deny you. Contact me first to introduce yourself.

During paid text chat sessions we can talk about whatever fantasy you want. You can even get off, if that's what you want. And you know it is...

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Parents' Tales:

John and Mary, Alex and Brittany

Chapter 5 - Brittany joins up

Brittany sat at the computer and opened the brochure again. A boarding school for Alex she could see. They ought to lock him up and throw away the key, or send him to a military academy, she thought. Not nice, Brittany, said a little voice inside her head. But oh, so true.

Well of course it was true. It just made so much sense. Thinking about it now, she wondered why they hadn�t bothered to consider sending him off to a boot camp style school a year or two before. Immediately the answer came to her. She realized that they had always expected him to snap out of it on his own, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary that showed him to be in an downward spiral. What a con man he was! They lapped it up, believed his every word.

But what kind of a program would this place have that she would be interested in?

How curious that the brochure seemed to be personalized for her�

Brittany typed in the web address from the brochure and logged in, using her personal username and password as printed in the brochure. It brought her to a small website describing the school and its programs.

The website too was clearly personalized for her. Actually, it looked like the Academy would be a nice place to spend the summer. There would be plenty of time to relax by the pool or at the beach, even though she could be taking a couple of classes to get a head start on her college credits.

The dormswell, they weren't even calling them dorms, they were calling them Residence Hotelswere luxurious. How could anybody like Alex get any discipline in a school like that? That question wasn't answered in the FAQ. Well, Brittany certainly didn't want to be hanging out with slackers like that. She would need to know that before she agreed to spending the summer there.

After she was done she pressed the CLOSE button. To her surprise, the page did not close. Instead, a quiz came up on the screen. It was an odd quiz, too. It asked questions about what she had read about the school on the website, as if to see if she had actually read the whole thing. It asked questions about But it also asked questions about discipline, self-discipline, and her opinion on the best way to handle boys like Alex (okay, it didn't actually name him there, but it was clear that it was exactly what was meant.).

She hit SUBMIT and up came another page, giving more details about the program she would be entering. Now it was clear that the boys were undergoing some sort of a disciplinary boot camp combined with a rigorous academic schedule. Brittany had the option of staying past the summer if she wanted to extend her stay, but Alex was probably going to be in that boot camp for two years. Too bad, thought Brittany. Not too bad for Alex, because by this point he had earned it. Just too bad he had worked so hard and long to get himself in this sort of a mess.

Again Brittany closed the page. This time a popup came up, telling her to login to the site every day to see if she had any messages or assignments to help her prepare for her stay at the Academy.

She smiled and looked over at Mary. "They keep you on your toes, don't they, Mom?" she said, laughing.

Mary looked back at her with a knowing glance. "That they do, Brittany. They certainly do."

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Who is this school for?

The Gold Star Academy of Discipline is an exclusive private prep school, dedicated to rescuing the academic careers of young males who have failed to succeed in high school due to motivational issues. Our two year program will get most boys back on track, learning and preparing for college and life in general, where we fully expect they will serve women dutifully and treat all women with the respect Goddesses deserve. Boys who are further behind at the start sometimes require more time at our school, and we are willing to keep them here until they are at the point they need to be. On the plus side, male graduates invariably succeed in college and their subsequent careers, thanks to academic preparation and an uncanny ability to follow directions as given.

The second group we serve is high-achieving young women who wish to take a year off between high school and college and learn to dominate and control men while taking college credit courses. The techniques they learn will be applicable throughout their lives in any position of leadership. Should they wish, we have a second year program which will graduate them as fully-certified professional dominatrices.

The third group we serve is the families of the wayward lads. They are buying peace of mind, knowing that the problems causing their boys' academic issues are being dealt with. They also benefit when the mother takes our online extension program, similar to the girls' program we offer on campus. She learns to dominate and control her husband, which leads to greater family happiness, as both of them are happier when he treats her like the Goddess she is. Then, when the boy is finally released and goes home, he is in a secure female-controlled environment where no backsliding can occur.

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