Woman kills hitman

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Here’s one woman that guys shouldn’t want to mess with. She got home from work and there was a guy in her apartment who attacked her with a hammer. Even though she was struck on the head, she managed to overpower him and strangle him with her bare hands.

The police just thought it was a break-in at first, but then it turns out she was going through a bitter divorce, and her husband had the security code to the door…



85 year old woman makes burglar call 911 at gunpoint

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Dominant women may retire, but they never get it out of their system.

There had been a string of break-ins in the area, so when she caught the boy burglarizing her house, she knew exactly what to do. She walked right past him into her bedroom, got her gun, made him call 911 at gunpoint and held him there until the police came and took over. Way to go, grandma!



Badly behaved girls

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I don’t know if you’re aware, but Brits on vacation have the reputation of drinking too much, and then behaving as though they had drunk too much. Two British women on holiday picked up some liquor at the duty-free shop in the airport on the way home. You’re not supposed to open or use up the stuff you buy before you get home. But don’t you know, one thing led to another, and the women went berserk on the plane, attacking the crew with liquor bottles and trying to open the door to the plane.

The passengers helped to overtake the women, and the plane was diverted so they could be taken into custody, somewhere they couldn’t cause any more damage.

It looks like their holiday ended up lasting a bit longer than they intended, though their accomodations in some jail in Germany were probably significantly less luxurious than they might have chosen on their own.


It also sounds like they allow people to bring liquids on board, doesn’t it? Hmm… Must be because there never was any reason for the US restriction on bringing liquids except to help airport concessions make money selling you $3 bottles of tap water.


In the competition for the world’s stupidest criminal

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Not a lot to say about it. When you’re smuggling a diaperful of heroin, and the cops ask you if you’ve got anything in your diaper, maybe the smarter thing to say is, “No.”


When space aliens peep

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So this guy who sees aliens space everywhere he looks has released a snippet of video shot in 2003 purporting to show a space alien popping up and peeping through a window into his house. Right.

Looks like somebody on digg.com has discovered the actual identity of the face in the window.

Since this is not really news, I’m going to put the word ‘story’ in quotes.



Sorry, boss, I lost the dope

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So there was a little problem with the drug smuggling detection test they were attempting to run at Tokyo’s Narita airport. The customs officer tucked the packet containing 142 grams (about 5 ounces) of marijuana into a passenger’s checked luggage. Unfortunately the dogs did not find it and the officer forgot to make a note of which passenger’s bag he put it in. But somebody’s got the marijuana…


An honest mistake, I am sure

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Don’t look back, your legacy’s gainin on ya, Bush

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Yep. 98% of historians agree that this Presidency has been a failure.

I covered this previously when it first came out. At the time it was not at all clear that the story was going to be picked up by the mainstream media machine.

Well! It looks like it has made it all the way to US News and World Report, a publication that doesn’t normally print things considered “liberal opinions”. It must be that it’s gone mainstream. Faux News, next?

Think you want to be President when you grow up, little girl or boy? Study your history, so you can learn what not to do. Pay special attention to the Bush administration. It’s a clear roadmap he has provided us with. Just look at what George Bush has done and do the opposite.


Parents Fight Over Which Gang Toddler Should Join

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Not only did they fight about it, but the partner of the male persuasion got himself arrested. And we thought Little League dads were bad.


One for the Darwin Awards ’08

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What can you say? A drunk decided it would be impressive to slide down the handrail of one of those spectacular-looking multi-level escalators in the open area of a shopping mall. Everybody was impressed, but probably not in the way he intended.

One more person with bad instincts removing himself from the gene pool…Story

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